Samsung Semi-Outdoor Signage Now Available Through Almo Professional A/V

Were you at DSE last month?

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According to the Digital Signage Federation, DSE 2019 was record-breaking in that it had one of its highest overall attendance rates (with 73 percent FIRST-time attendees).

One of the DSE show stoppers was the new Samsung OMN-D Series, which features the FIRST double-sided screen for optimized storefront window environments.

This means businesses can run DIFFERENT content on EACH side of the screen, all from a single display!

The most unique aspect of this display is that the brightness is adjusted differently for the outdoor and indoor sides. In other words, the window-facing side’s 3000nit brightness maintains picture quality regardless of sunlight, while the in-store side features 1000nit brightness, delivering information clearly!

The window-facing screen is for bright visuals and prominent positioning to motivate a passerby into the store. Once inside, the indoor-facing screen enhances the shopping experience with content promoting sales, new merchandise and information.

Key highlights of the Samsung OMN-D Series:

  • Sleek design fits in. The slim 54.5mm depth and contemporary design integrates into any storefront window environment and makes it a natural extension of the store.
  • Streamlined content management. Includes an embedded MagicINFO Player S6, backed by the powerful TIZEN operating system for painless content management and seamless content transition.
  • Energy efficient. Consumes less power than conventional displays while delivering a brilliant picture and spectacular performance.
  • Ready to go. It is not a custom-built model, but an out-of-the-box solution ready for order through Almo today!

Want to learn more about the Samsung OMN-D Series? Join industry guru, Jonathan Brawn, principal of Brawn Consulting, for a webinar about optimizing use of this unique display, hosted by Almo Professional A/V? Register here to save your spot!

The Samsung OMN-D Series is available through Almo Professional A/V now. Contact your Almo territory manager to order today.