Unleash Cloud Content Services through Customizable Signage Platform

Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform Aims for Versatility and Simplicity

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A Robust Digital Signage Platform for CMS Partners

The Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) is a proprietary, open-source all-in-one solution that is embedded in Samsung SMART signage and doesn’t require any additional devices to communicate with the server and play digital media. First introduced in 2013, SSSP opened up a new frontier involving ‘No-PC’ content and device management environments of digital signage. Managing digital signage has never been easier or more empowering, thanks to this all-in-one platform that essentially replaces an external media player with a SoC-based app launcher.

SSSP is a robust platform that is designed to give partners the power and freedom to create software and apps on their Samsung displays, resulting in a simplified, integrated media player Cloud Content Service Providers can develop their own apps and host them on their web servers through use of SSSP. Samsung SMART Signage will be provided with a URL to access their server which can then allow the ability to download their app from its homepage upon booting. After the cloud service is set on SMART Signage, content is streamed and played directly from the cloud server to the screen over a wired or wireless network connection.

Recent advancements, such as the upgraded SSSP 5.0 platform featuring the TIZEN 3.0 operating system, have made our signage offerings even stronger and empower businesses to develop and deploy content with the confidence that it will perform continuously. The QMH Series combines state-of-the-art graphic performance and operational versatility with UHD picture quality to produce an unprecedented visual experience in any environment.

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