Userful Corp Video Wall Displays 4K on 25 Displays

Userful Corp’s 4K video wall can be configured as a single wall or multiple smaller walls to satisfy a variety of client demand scenarios.

With the new year just around the corner, 2015 could prove to be a watershed period for the development and adoption of 4K in the world of electronics.

The Skinny: Pushing 4K outside of its traditional markets is the Calgary, Canada-based manufacturer Userful Corporation, and its newly announced 4K video wall.

The Specs: Userful states the 4K video wall is capable of delivering real-time 4K content over a standard Ethernet network to video walls containing as many as 25 displays or multiple smaller video walls.

According to the Canadian company, its approach to video walls is unique in that it deploys a single single-core i7 PC to drive as many as 25 displays, and it adds the displays can be placed anywhere on a network and arranged in any configuration to provide dealer and client flexibility.

“This solution packs in a lot of industry firsts,” says Tim Griffin, CTO of Userful. “It’s the first true network video wall that delivers real-time 4k resolutions over a standard Ethernet network, its the first to naturally support multiple video walls in multiple locations, and its the first that scales naturally without needing more servers, video-cards or multi-layer splitters. This move away from expensive, specialized servers is going to open up the video wall industry in a big way.”

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Userful also explains that in addition to its ability to configure as a single large wall or multiple small video walls, the 4K capable solution also supports 6K, HTML5, 3D, Flash content, and 32k for images.

The system’s drag-and-drop browser configuration tool facilitates the setup and management of the product, and Userful says the 4K video wall streamlines the traditional costs associated with video walls.

Solutions: The 4K video wall from Userful Corporation can be used for business, retail, lobbies, stadiums, educational facilities and other public areas.