Userful Launches First Ever 4k Network Video Wall

New video wall from Userful Corporation allows greater resolution, flexibility and low cost of network delivery to booming video wall market.

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Userful Corporation, an industry leader in centralized, interactive display software, has launched the world’s first network video wall capable of delivering 4k, real-time content to a 25-display video wall over a standard Ethernet network.

The Userful Network Video Wall is a premium solution at an affordable price that enables businesses to easily create simply stunning video walls.

Organizations are increasingly looking to video walls to deliver higher visual impact. Unfortunately, most traditional video walls are expensive and complicated, often requiring specialized video cards, or signal-splitting devices, and high-end servers.

To lower costs and simplify setup, Userful has taken a different approach to deploying video walls. Using small, industry standard network zero client devices at each display, the Userful Network Video wall runs up to 25 video wall displays from a single Core i7 PC. Displays can be placed anywhere on the network and can be arranged in any configuration and rotation, providing complete flexibility.

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The Userful Network Video Wall can be configured in a single video wall or multiple, smaller video walls. The solution supports 4k video, 6k HTML5, 3D, Flash content, and even up to 32k resolution for images. The drag and drop browser configuration makes it easy for anyone to set up and manage the video wall.

The display configuration options extend from standard grid formats to eye-catching artistic designs.

Userful’s video wall solution delivers extreme simplicity and scalability at an unprecedented value. It eliminates traditional costs through utilizing industry standard PC hardware with affordable zero client devices, and a single Intel Haswell Core i7 PC in order to create stunning video walls with simplicity.

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“This solution packs in a lot of industry firsts,” says Tim Griffin, CTO of Userful. “It’s the first true network video wall that delivers real-time 4k resolutions over a standard Ethernet network, its the first to naturally support multiple video walls in multiple locations, and its the first that scales naturally without needing more servers, video-cards or multi-layer splitters. This move away from expensive, specialized servers is going to open up the video wall industry in a big way.”

Luiz Ferreira, CEO at Thinnetworks, Userful’s distributor for the solution in Brazil, has been testing the solution with their MiniPoint Ethernet and USB hardware extensively over the past year and have had live pilot sites running the Userful Network Video Wall 24/7 since June.

“It’s been rock solid,” Ferreira says. “The Userful 4k Network Video Wall is going to revolutionize video wall installations. Now any customer will be able to afford a high-performance, feature-rich video wall.”

January 15, 2014 — 2pm EST
Latest technologies in displays, video wall software and mounting allow integrators to sell easier, more powerful video walls that more customers can afford.
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