BrightSign, Tightrope Media Video Wall Rescue AAA Customers from Boredom

AAA Minneapolis added a video wall powered by BrightSign media players and Carousel Digital Signage software to entertain and inform customers.

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It’s when you’re waiting in line at a AAA office when you truly learn about the many services the auto club offers.

You’ll watch quizzically at people slowly, meticulously plan a vacation with a travel agent.

You’ll try not to listen as somebody discusses a potential IRA with a financial planner.

You’ll become jealous as somebody purchases discounted movie tickets.

Above all, you’ll wish you had something else to distract you, such as digital signage.

AAA Minneapolis has the right idea, having recently deployed a large video wall to display travel imagery and advertising at its St. Louis Park, Minnesota headquarters, in support of its iTravel Advisor travel agency.

The 13 feet, 4 inches wide, 8 feet, 6 inches tall video wall is powered by Carousel Digital Signage software from Tightrope Media Systems with content delivered by BrightSign media players. It includes continuously updated data feeds including headlines, social media feeds, weather and traffic information.

Carousel Digital Signage Software enable connectivity to any number of external feeds and ensure reliable display of real-time data feeds on the video wall.

BrightSign TightRope video wall

The video wall, powered by BrightSign media players and TightRope Media software, displays continuously updated data feeds including headlines, social media feeds, weather and traffic information.

Flexible scheduling and reporting are key features that led to choosing Carousel software given that content is oft-changing and sponsors want assurance that their ads are reaching consumers, said Linda Snyder, VP of travel and retail services for AAA Minneapolis.

“Carousel and BrightSign work together to present visuals that are incredibly crisp and clean,” she said.

“From the moment visitors walk in the door, they see fantastic pictures such as cruise ships in blue oceans with colorful fish swimming around. It’s very stunning to take in, and we find that dwell times are considerable—an important point since the video wall is advertising-supported.”

Changing and updating content on the video wall is important, of course, and Snyder says AAA Minneapolis’ marketing department takes on the management of the digital signage network.

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“They appreciate Carousel’s user-friendly interface, with intuitive scheduling, templates, and other productivity enhancing features,” she said. “For example, if our travel vendors and partners want to see how much screen-time their products or services received, Carousel lets us print out a detailed, up-to-date report for them.”

Minnesota-based integration firm Tierney Brothers installed the video wall as part of a larger facility upgrade, and recommended Carousel Digital Signage Software and BrightSign media players.

“The Carousel and BrightSign combination is quickly becoming our go-to solution for an interoperable digital signage system across content creation, management and playout for networks of all sizes,” said Brian Krisko, VP of services, Tierney Brothers.

“Carousel brings exceptional ease of use to the creation and management side, while BrightSign brings a compact form factor with exceptional visual quality and reliability. We never encounter hardware problems, and our customers are happy because playout failures simply do not happen. The screens are always up and performing as expected.”

Future plans include adding a second Carousel-powered display at the AAA Minneapolis headquarters, as well as smaller networked displays at its nearby branches in downtown Minneapolis, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, and the Galleria Mall in Edina.

Tierney Brothers BrightSign TightRope Media

Integrator Tierney Brothers recommended Carousel Digital Signage Software and BrightSign media players.