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Datapath Announces Online Experience Center

Datapath has announced the opening of its Online Experience Center designed to give users hands-on experience.

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U.K.-based video wall and control room provider Datapath has announced the opening of its Online Experience Center designed to give users hands-on experience with the company’s latest control room solutions and integrated hardware and software.

The center will be presented from the company’s Derby, UK office where users can experience AVIXA-accredited training sessions and sales demonstrations, including experience with Datapath’s control room solution Aetria.

According to the company, Aetria brings all of the elements of control room design, management, control and monitoring into a single solution that allows integrators and end users to design systems to meet a wide set of requirements, including connectivity, video walls, workstations and source management, ranging from small to very large installations.

“We have used the very latest technology to be able to showcase our Aetria solution to you, wherever you are in the world,” said Iñaki Viloria López, Datapath’s global training manager, in a statement. “With multiple camera feeds, displays and countless permutations possible, we can create virtually any control room management set-up for training or sales requirements.”

The center features a trio of video walls spread out between two rooms and several operator terminals and multiple cameras that allow users to see the room as an overview of any area.

According to Datapath, the Online Experience Center features Datapath’s Arqa and Aligo solution for seamless KVM and content sharing across the solution. Processing power comes in abundance courtesy of Datapath’s award-winning VSN1172 video controllers.

“The requirements for today’s control rooms are highly complex, with ever-increasing demands for sources, data and secure multi-point sharing,” López said. “Add in diagnostics, management and security requirements and things can begin to look overwhelming. With Aetria, all these components are easily managed and, with our Experience Center, operators, IT managers and integrators alike can see for themselves the benefits of using a powerful, single interface.”