DSE 2018: LG SVH7E Is a 0.6mm Bezel Video Wall

Unveiled at Digital Signage Expo (DSE 2018), LG SVH7E is an ultra-narrow 0.6mm bezel video wall display.

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DSE 2018: LG SVH7E Is a 0.6mm Bezel Video Wall

During Digital Signage Expo (DSE 2018), LG Electronics USA Business Solutions expanded its lineup of narrow-bezel video wall solutions by debuting in the United States the LG SVH7E ultra-narrow 0.6mm bezel video wall display.

The manufacturer says LG SVH7E offers unmatched picture quality and high level of installation flexibility, allowing end users to easily integrate video wall solutions to a wider variety of installation environments.

“With the largest selection of ultra-narrow bezel video walls in the market, LG is leading the industry with innovative solutions that are highly functional and maximize end users’ bottom lines by attracting more business,” says Clark Brown, VP, digital signage, LG Electronics USA Business Solutions.

“The versatile LG SVH7E ultra-narrow 0.6 mm bezel video wall solution allows businesses to display cohesive content in ways they never thought imaginable.”

LG’s press release on the LG SVH7E narrow bezels:

The ultra-narrow 0.6 mm bezels of the 55-inch LG SVH7E combine to create one powerful and impactful video wall display with an incredible 1.2 mm bezel to bezel width. The display’s eye-catching design and unique bezel width offers end users an immersive picture that resembles one continuous image as opposed to a collection of segmented panels. Combined with LG’s proprietary In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology, which helps ensure uniform, accurate color saturation from virtually any viewing angle, the LG SVH7E video wall produces unparalleled viewing experiences sure to capture any viewer’s attention.

LG’s press release on the LG SVH7E digital signage integration:

The groundbreaking video wall display is also equipped with LG’s webOS 3.0+ Smart Signage platform, which uses the display’s high-performance system-on-a-chip (SoC) to deliver a variety of content options and web-based applications across multiple platforms, providing end users across a host of industries convenience and ease of use. Featuring Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and an eye-catching design, the new 700-nit video wall solution is perfect for the display of advertising and wayfinding information in retail, corporate, government and transportation installation environments.

LG’s press release on the LG SVH7E functional innovations:

The LG SVH7E video wall display joins LG’s portfolio of high-quality narrow bezel and ultra-bright video wall displays redefining the video wall category. The 49-inch model 49VM5C, 55-inch model 55VH7B and 55-inch model 55VM5B video wall displays all feature a narrow bezel to bezel width of 1.8mm allowing them to be easily connected. LG also offers a 55-inch ultra-bright video wall display (model 55VX1D), which offers users an innovative solution that is 1,500 nits—three times brighter than conventional video wall displays—in a 3.5 mm bezel-to-bezel width design. Each model in LG’s video wall portfolio is lightweight and designed for seamless installation and simple maintenance.