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Userful: AV over IP Is Ideal Video Wall Infrastructure

Video wall software maker Userful argues that AV over IP allows for more scalable and flexible video walls.

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AV-over-IP allows for more scalable and flexible video walls, according to Userful CTO Tim Griffin.

It’s hard to find anybody in the pro AV market who is not talking about AV over IP and, frankly, video wall software maker Userful likes it that way. It’s in line with the product philosophy it has always brought to its solutions for managing video walls.

“Everyone is talking about it and that’s great for Userful,” says CTO Tim Griffin in a Commercial Integrator video interview (above). From the very beginning, he says Userful was on the bandwagon with AV over IP over its infrastructure approach.

The reasons? “There are huge advantages,” Griffin says in the video.

AV over IP Opens Up Possibilities

The classic way to build a video wall is to take a computer enclosure, cram in video cards and cram in capture cards – whether you’re doing that yourself or buying a pre-packaged solution from Barco or Christie or whoever, it ends up not only being very expensive but more importantly very limited.

AV over IP Is More Robust and Scalable

With AV over IP you can put an ordinary server in the server room. It can deliver the video wall content over the network, a standard gigabit Ethernet network to the displays, and you’re not limited in terms of the number of capture sources or the number of live web pages you can play or the number of outputs.

So [Userful can] scale up to 100 displays in a video wall and beyond [versus 20 or 30 in conventional video walls]. So AV over IP is a disruptive force.

AV over IP Is Integrator-Friendly

Companies that are looking at what product should be looking at to capitalize on AV over IP should be looking for ones that offer that kind of scalability, offer near-zero latency and can do the kinds of things that people are asking for – like playing lots of different web pages on displays, capturing different sources or physical capture as well.

Watch Userful’s Tim Griffin’s entire video above.