AMETEK Powervar Rackmount Series of Unterruptible Power Management Solutions Targets Retail and Point-of-Sale

AMETEK Powervar’s new Retail Technology Rackmount Series offers power conditioning of server-based point-of-sale (POS) terminals and back office equipment.

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AMETEK Powervar, a maker of uninterruptible power management (UPM) solutions, has announced the release of its Retail Technology (RT) Rackmount Series for power conditioning of server-based, point-of-sale (POS) terminals and back office equipment.

The RT series includes two new products, and AMETEK Powervar is targeting integrators that work in hospitality, retail and restaurant settings.

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According to AMETEK Powervar, today’s POS platforms must be resilient in the face of harsh and noisy electrical environments. Factors such as electrical noise from a wide variety of nearby devices can compromise the vital connections between individual POS terminals and corresponding data processing systems housed in back offices. Meanwhile, the routine activity of neon light displays, kitchen blenders, ice machines and other dynamic loads can destabilize the power, which supports sustainable POS operations.

The company explains in a press release that its new RT Rackmount Series is a logical fit that’s easy to deploy.

More from AMETEK Powervar’s Retail Technology Rackmount Series Press Release:

Since rackmount servers already are commonly deployed as convenient, space-saving back office IT infrastructure, the Powervar RT Rackmount Series is both straightforward to implement and intuitive to use.

With its 19-inch rackmount design, it can be easily slotted into an existing back office rack. At the core of each UPM offering in the RT line is an advanced power conditioner that cleans up hot, neutral and ground signals to produce higher-quality power for mission-critical POS applications.

“The RT Rackmount Series guarantees comprehensive protection from electrical noise and disruptions for modern POS systems,” states Powervar’s Director of Sales and Marketing Chris Walsh. “With a low-impedance isolation transformer and line-interactive operation, each RT UPM is built from the ground up to ensure fully isolated and conditioned power, whether it is operating on battery or via utility electric.”

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