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This is Why SureCall’s Force5 2.0 Won a 2017 BEST Award

The Force5 2.0 from SureCall is a signal booster and remote monitor chosen as the leader in its category by a neutral panel of industry experts.

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Our yearly conglomeration of the most outstanding products and services impacting the commercial integration industry recently shed light on 40 top products, and the SureCall Force5 2.0 in the Telecom Infrastructure & Intercoms category made the cut for multiple reasons. A representative from the company gave a broad overview of the product at InfoComm 2017 in Orlando, Florida.

The Force5 2.0 is equipped with SureCall’s proprietary built-in SENTRY remote monitoring and control hardware that provides the integrator with remote access to adjust and optimize booster performance. The five-band, cellular signal booster combines PCS and Cellular dual-bands with LTE and AWS frequencies for all major North American cell carriers. The device is also able to sync with an app for remote access.

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Certified by the FCC, the booster also reaches maximum uplink and downlink power. The Force5 2.0 combines PCS and Cellular dual-bands with LTE and AWS frequencies for all major North American cell carriers ‒ a complete voice and data signal solution for over 100 users.

More from SureCall on the Force5:

SureCall’s commercial-grade Force5 2.0 is the next evolution in cellular boosting technology and the number one DAS alternative. It is the first in the industry to combine cell phone signal boosting technology with the ability to provide remote monitoring through an app. The app syncs up with the device to simplify setup and allow remote monitoring and adjusting when needed. The Force5 2.0 voice and data solution provides an alternative to a DAS system at a fraction of the cost, providing enhanced cellular and data reception for areas of 50,000 square feet or larger with expansion packs available to cover larger, or more challenging installations.

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