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Surge Protection & Direct Boxes from Radial Address a Range of Installations

Radial Engineering surge protection just got a refresh. We’re examining what that entails and how it can benefit various types of installations.

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Surge Protection & Direct Boxes from Radial Address a Range of Installations

Radial direct boxes have become common equipment at some of the biggest concerts and recording venues.

The latest generation of Radial direct boxes are highlighted by the company’s flagship HDI product.

Radial explains the HDI is a studio-grade direct box and preamp that provide a straight-ahead selection of control parameters. The new direct box’s color control knob can be used to blend a clean signal with an “amp-like” distortion to add “character and grit onto the signal.”

Internally the HDI employs a custom, oversized Jensen transformer, and the unit also offers level control with a VU meter, and a single-control compressor that can be used to tame transients.

Radial Direct Boxes Feature USB & Bluetooth Connectivity

Some of the company’s other new direct boxes include the USB-Mobile. Radial says this product provides professional integrators with a digital interface to facilitate the use of smart devices such as an Apple iPhone.

Smart products can be directly connected to the USB-Mobile using a USB cable. Once connected the Radial direct box provides two channels of balanced analog audio via XLR outputs that integrators can use to connect smart devices to PA systems.

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Radial adds the USB-Mobile direct box will also charge connected devices.

Another direct box that Radial introduced is the new BT-Pro V2. This product is a Bluetooth-enabled device that supports wireless connections from computers and smart products.

The BT-Pro V2 is an updated version of Radial’s original BT-Pro, and listening to users, its latest Bluetooth direct box ships with a unique ID to help integrators setup and identify multiple wireless devices within a system.

The BT-Pro V2 can be powered using either phantom power or USB-C.

Carrying over some of the original BT-Pro’s other features, the BT-Pro V2 also offers an output level control with an output range from mic level to line level. Moreover, it also provides mono-sum and pair/reset switches, and a 3.5mm audio output.

Radial Engineering Surge Protection

In addition to its prominence in the direct box category, Radial is also known for its switching products and isolation products. Launching a completely new product line, the newly announced Radial Power line of surge suppressors provides integrators in the commercial and residential market a choice of power solutions.

The line provides a choice of two rack-mount models:

  • A basic version that features 11 outlets with eight outlets on the rear panel and three outlets on the front panel.
  • The other power product features a total of nine outlets that includes eight outlets on the rear panel and a single outlet on the front panel. This power product also includes LED lights that use a range of colors to communicate system status.

Radial emphasizes its power products, unlike the majority of products that populate the power category omit the use of low-quality metal oxide varistors (MOVs).

According to the company, its made-in-the U.S.A. MOVs are more robust to provide a longer lifespan than typical MOVs.

The power products also utilize shunt-mode technologies that do not contaminate grounding to help lower the noise floor.

Additionally, the power products employ RF interference filters to keep high frequencies and AM radio signals out of the line to keep power clean, and the power products incorporate USB ports on their front panels to offer an added level of user convenience.

The Radial Engineering family includes products from PrimacousticJensen TransformersHafler and Dynaco.

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