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ICC Introduces Fiber Optic Enclosures

Manufacturer ICC launches its latest product, the newly announced fiber optic enclosures, designed for budget-conscious clients who don’t want to sacrifice functionality for cost concessions.

Equipment racks and accessories can be hard for consumers to quantify.

The Skinny: The newly announced line of fiber optic enclosures from ICC is engineered to provide clients with a choice of affordable fiber optic accessories that don’t sacrifice performance for cost savings.

The Specs: The Fullerton, Calif.-based company says the new enclosures are made from heavy-gauge, powder coated steel, and that the enclosures are engineered to fit the maximum number of adapter panels as possible in solutions that provide a small, budget-friendly footprint.

ICC says the enclosures feature removable front and rear covers, along with sliding trays from easy access to service connections, and the products are manufactured to fit 19-inch rack widths (extension brackets are available to enable the products to fit in 23-inch spaces). The racks are available in IU, 2U and 4U sizes and all of the products facilitate the safe running of cables.

Solutions: ICC states the new fiber optic enclosures can be used for telecomm and other fiber-related installations.

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