Integrators Haven’t Seen the Light—Yet

Missed opportunities could be costing installers big money in a space that’s continuing to grow.

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Are systems integrators leaving money on the table, perhaps quite a bit of money, by looking down their noses at or completely ignoring lighting and lighting control systems?

A recent study published by Precision Paragon says so, noting 64 percent of energy-efficient lighting professionals who answered the survey say they experienced modest or substantial growth in 2013. 82 percent expect to see modest or substantial growth in 2014.

The question is why so many integrators seem to shy away from lighting as part of their arsenals when installing other types of control systems. It’s a mystery that’s almost as unsolvable as how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop; the world may never know.

An InfoComm report last year suggested “lighting is considered to be a difficult leap for commercial integrators that don’t do high-voltage work.” You have to wonder if that hesitancy to try something new will change when integrators realize how much money there is to be made in this space.

So what do you think of this survey? Will it change the way you look at lighting and lighting control?

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