Piton Rack Handle Helps to Secure Rack-Mounted Gear

California manufacturer Piton has announced a new accessory to help dealers safely mount a variety of electronics.

Not only can it be dangerous, but it can be costly. That “it” is dealers handling heavy components that may range from audio amplifiers, and video processors, to DVRs and other components that are usually awkward and living in locations that aren’t conducive to human hands.

Helping to solve the problem of handling heavy, awkward equipment is the Newport Beach, Calif.-based manufacturer Piton Engineering.

The electronic accessory manufacturer’s latest product is the Rack Handle, and according to the West Coast company, it features a sturdy molded design that helps dealers to handle heavy and awkward electronics in their facilities or out in the field.

Piton points out the mounting accessory utilizes captive #10-32 screws with EIA-310 spacing to allow the product to be used with a variety of components.

The company also explains the product is RoHS and NEBS compliant, and dealers can mount the Rack Handle on equipment ears to save valuable front-panel space in tightly configured racks and equipment closets.

In addition, Piton explains that dealers can use the Rack Handle for datacom, telecom, storage, pro audio, broadcast markets, as well as test equipment situations, and it offers dealers sales incentives for quantity buys that range from 25 to 100 kits.

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