Torus Power: Why Europe Needs Power Conditioning

Torus Power showcases TOT, AVR2 and R2 Series at ISE 2015, while seeking to learn from and educate European AV integrators.

CI Staff

Torus Power wants to have dialog with the European AV market about the need for power conditioning and Integrated Systems Europe 2015 in Amsterdam is as good a place as any.

The Toronto-based manufacturer, a subsidiary of Plitron Manufacturing, is featuring its TOT Series compact power conditioning solutions, its large-scale AVR2 Series and original RM Series at ISE 2015.

For Torus, ISE is just as much about learning about the European market as it is the market learning about it, says VP of sales and marketing Kevin Main.

“One of the big goals with ISE for me is to really get a strong feel for the differences between Europe and North America. One thing I’ve noticed is the power [in Europe] is more stable than in north America, so the perception is different about needing these products.

“But at ISE we’ll be talking to people from India, South Africa and many of those areas have some power problems more so than they do in Europe. But in Europe you still want to isolate all the equipment from the things that are creating noise on the power line. Everybody has a need for isolation.”

More on Torus Power’s TOT Series from its press release:

The Torus Power TOT Series—offered in two configurations, the TOT Mini (3 Amp and 7 Amp models available) and the TOT Max (15 Amp model available)—expands the Torus Power lineup to include value-driven models that deliver highly effective power conditioning in a compact chassis. Employing parent-company Plitron’s toroidal isolation transformers and NBT noise filtering technology, the TOT Series restores incoming power to a clean state and protects valuable systems from surges. TOT also provides very low source impedance to connected devices, enabling high current delivery—up to the rated current limit—on an instantaneous basis; ensuring dynamic components are consistently delivered the power the need to perform at the highest possible level. TOT Mini is suitable for providing Torus isolated power to components such as projectors, flat panels, powered speakers, media or source players, processors, and network devices. TOT Max features a larger capacity toroidal transformer and can be used with most audio systems and mid-power amplifiers.

More on Torus Power’s AVR2 Series from its press release:

Utilizing Plitron’s toroidal isolation transformers to provide high instantaneous power and protect connected equipment from electrical fluctuations and surges, Torus Power’s AVR2 power conditioning series is designed for large-scale custom installations such as studios, home theatres, critical listening environments, and other high performance applications. The AVR2 Series boasts isolation from the main electrical grid, two levels of surge suppression, and features enhanced Ethernet (IP) control and monitoring functionality in addition to automatic voltage regulation and remote reboots, automated scheduling options, and individually addressable outlet zones (up to 5 individual zones in 15 Amp and 20 Amp models, and up to 8 individual zones in 60 and 100 Amp models). Wall mounted versions allow for greater flexibility in projects with dedicated wiring.

More on Torus Power’s RM Series from its press release:

The RM Series is Torus Power’s original line of toroidal isolation power conditioners have been delivering clean, isolated power to residential and commercial installations for years. Highly versatile, the RM Series is designed for applications ranging from simple front-end systems to complex custom installations. Available in 5 Amp to 100 Amp configurations for use around the world, models within the line can be ordered with either 220V or 240V Input and Output Voltage; with five or eight outlets; and as 3U to 4U chassis sizes to accommodate shelf, rack or wall mount applications. RM20 has been consistently top-rated by leading audiophile magazines. Smaller RM10 or RM15 models are often selected for mid-size systems, while RM5 can be dedicated to front-end components, media servers, and more. Larger models—rated 60 Amp and 100 Amp—provide ample, isolated power to accommodate high-end, high performance systems.

Torus Power products are in the AV EMEA stand 5-R128 at ISE 2015.