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Westin and Renaissance Hotels Install SureCall Cell Signal Boosters

SureCall improves voice and data service in Westin and Renaissance hotels in Charlotte, N.C., for enhanced customer service, staff performance, and security.

CI Staff

Two hotels, the Charlotte Westin and the Charlotte Renaissance SouthPark Hotel in North Carolina, have installed cellular signal booster systems by SureCall (formerly Cellphone-Mate).

Both hotels were suffering from poor cell phone reception in certain areas, and it was beginning to affect business operations and customer experience.

The SureCall boosters, recommended and installed by Winston-Salem-based RCS Communications, will provide the hotels with cost-effective solutions for eliminating cellular dead-zones, for both voice and data.

“Businesses and business travelers are increasingly relying on cellular technology, so it’s bad business for hotels to have guest areas or their own operations centers off the grid unnecessarily,” says Steve Klingensmith of RCS.  “For many reasons, cellular signal boosters are the ideal solution.”

According to Klingensmith, the SureCall boosters allow the hotels better guest services, staff performance, and overall safety.

The Charlotte Westin installed booster systems in four locations: its subterranean parking garage, the hotel’s staff and maintenance operations center, and in two executive suites on the 25th floor. The Renaissance received cellular boosters in its back-office operations.

For both hotels, Klingensmith chose SureCall’s Force5 cellular signal booster. The Force5 supports 2G, 3G, and 4G for voice and data for all major U.S. carriers and acts independently of the hotel’s WiFi system. Each booster covers up to 25,000 square feet, supports as many as 100 or more simultaneous users, and is not subject to any recurring costs from the carriers.

According to Curt Burkhart, SureCall’s director of sales and marketing, recent FCC rulings have made it clear that boosters are endorsed by the entire cellular industry as a safe, viable, and reliable solution for businesses seeking to improve cell reception.

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