10 Virtual Background Ideas That Will Make Videoconferencing More Fun

Published: April 23, 2020

As we wrap up our second month of quarantine and videoconferencing becomes the communication method of choice for many — including the pro AV world — we’re starting to see some users of Zoom and other platforms get a little creative with their virtual backgrounds.

For many people, these virtual backgrounds are their dream home offices with bountiful bookshelves and décor. But we’re all getting a little creative with our backgrounds in quarantine.

Media companies and streaming services are being awfully generous and posting images for you to use as your background, so do some looking around and you’ll find some good ones. Here are some of the best that I’ve seen.

Office scenes from … The Office

Everyone’s favorite workplace sitcom is letting anyone use some images as free Zoom backgrounds, including this one of Michael Scott’s desk, which is the scene of so many good one liners.

You can also use the conference room – where many one-on-one interviews are filmed — as your background.

Tiger King

Oh my word, what a trainwreck this Netflix show was. If you haven’t seen it, go ahead and waste a few hours of your life that you’ll never have back and watch Tiger King. For whatever reason, this show was the talk of the town in early quarantine when people had nothing better to do.

Now, it’s one of the more popular Zoom backgrounds I’ve seen.

Speaking of Netflix

The streaming giant last month tweeted some photos for Zoom users to use, including this setting from popular stalker series You. I won’t spoil anything for those who haven’t seen the show, but let’s just say this background is for the more morbid of videoconferencing users.

A sports stadium 

Sports are gone for the foreseeable future and the only thing playing on sports channels are reruns of decades-old games. While it might be fun to reminisce, you’ll get bored of this after a few days.

Find a photo of your favorite sports stadium and make it your background and it might feel like you’re really there. Baseball would have already been underway, so here’s a shot of the iconic Fenway Park, which is about a half hour away from our offices.

You can almost hear the crack of the bat, taste a Fenway Frank and smell spilled beer.

The beach

It’s starting to get nice out so you’ll want to head to the beach. Well, most of them are closed. Grab a Corona or summer drink of choice, put on a sun hat and you’ll at least look like you’re soaking up the sun.

The Star Wars Universe

The space epic franchise’s official website is making several photos available to use as meeting backgrounds, including your favorite planets and ships.

You can scavenge the harsh desert word of Jakku, jettison into lightspeed travel or hang out with Han Solo and Chewie on the Millennium Falcon.


Like Star Wars and other franchises, the popular coffee and pastry giant is making several images available to use as Zoom backgrounds. I haven’t had a coffee and donut from Dunkin’ in months, so this is really causing me problems right now.

Getting ripped

If you’re like everyone else and were too late to buy some fitness equipment before everything was sold out or priced too high, you’re in luck, courtesy of The Late Late Show.

Do some dumbbell shoulder presses or hangout with some cats while you meet with your coworkers.

Your favorite memes

If you’re handy with image editing programs like Photoshop and have a penchant for memes, get creative with your favorite memes, like the classic distracted boyfriend meme here.

Instead of another girl, it will be your beautiful mug that is turning his head.

Speaking of memes

Given the state of the world, this one deserves its own spot. Ignore the global pandemic, your cabin fever and crumbling mental health while you put on a happy face for your boss, coworkers and clients.

Repeat after me: this is fine.

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