Flashback Friday: 5 Technologies to Watch in 2011

Published: August 29, 2014

Happy Flashback Friday, commercial integrators! This week, check out this list of five technologies on CEA’s watch list in 2011. We’ve come pretty far in the last four years—or have we? A few of these might still deserve our attention today.

It is always interesting to see which technologies the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) selects for its annual “5 Technology Trends to Watch” for the upcoming year.

In the past, there has been as few as one trend that directly affects custom installers, with the others focused on mobile applications or car electronics.

But this year’s list is different. The technologies to watch are:

  • Technology and privacy
  • The future of video distribution and consumption
  • Mobile broadband and 4G
  • Green technology
  • The future of apps

Our Take on the List

Green Technology: You might think the CEA is a bit late on declaring green technology a tech trend for 2011. We have been blabbing on about “green” for years now. But the technology is just now hitting its stride, with many integrators telling me they are including energy management in almost every proposal these days vs. just talking about it with clients.

Video Distribution: This is certainly key. An article in the L.A. Times reports Hollywood is nervous about the massive shift in consumers renting DVDs instead of buying them.

There will be 337 million movies downloaded in 2010—if you include Netflix—versus 20 million DVDs sold. People are more willing to download and that means a quality video distribution is vital.

Future of Apps: Obviously, apps are another important trend for integrators. As I have written before, does the proliferation of apps mean homeowners will not want integrated home control in the future, but instead be satisfied with disparate apps on their iPads and other touchpanels?

The biggest surprise is what’s not on the list: 3D.

The industry is certainly promoting 3D technology, hoping for it to be the next big thing. But recent reports show the hubbub seems to be tempering. I give kudos to the CEA for not naming 3D and not caving to any promotional “agenda” that its member manufacturers might be pushing.

There will only be one way for all of us to find out if CEA is right: we’ll have to see what 2011 brings.

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