6 Humiliating (But Common) Video Call Mistakes to Avoid

Published: 2016-09-08

We’ve all been there.

So much B2B communication these days happens via video calls to the point where sometimes we forget we’re on camera.

Maybe it’s your colleague on the other end picking their teeth … or maybe it’s you who unwittingly entertains the other folks in the video conference call.

Either way, it’s easy to relate to video call mishaps.

That’s why we are pretty entertained by conferencing provider Polycom‘s new series of videos highlighting what it calls, “vid-i-quette” (read: video etiquette).

The series of six comedic videos tackles common mistakes people make on video conferencing calls. Lessons learned include:

  • Save the checkered shirts for the square dance.
  • Don’t let the camera look up your nose!
  • Use the mute button if you must eat during a call
  • Remember to remove awkward items from background.
  • Light yourself from the front, not the back.
  • Avoid sharing entire screen, particularly with embarrassing windows open.

AV professionals should take note. Not all training need be technical.

Integrators should make it a point to help customers get the most out of their video conferencing solutions by offering a quick tutorial in vid-i-quette.

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