Are You Effectively Protecting Your Equipment?

Published: August 16, 2016

It’s safe to say things have changed over the past 10 years as it pertains to safety and security in our everyday lives.

Gone are the days where vigilance isn’t part of our mindset and gone are the days where commercial settings might have a camera or two feeding into a monitor behind the counter or into a manager’s office. 

Safety and security and all of the pieces that create a system of protection and hopefully a little peace of mind can now be as simple or elaborate as we’d like it to be. 

Seldom do we turn on the news and not see a video playback from a surveillance system that we hope will help law enforcement protect those people and those things that are valuable and important to us.

There are a myriad of installation scenarios and therefore a multitude of installation challenges. 

When venues range from convenience stores to big box stores, from sports bars to sports stadiums and from malls to laundromats, we can be assured that there will be varying levels of equipment and technology that will be utilized. 

As technology progresses and equipment becomes more sophisticated, professional installers and integrators are realizing that the use of equipment enclosures, both wall and floor, are a sensible approach to not only organizing and managing their equipment investments, but also to provide an enhanced level of security and protection. 

Equipment enclosures provide an enhanced level of security and protection. 

While the cost of CCTV equipment has become increasingly affordable, we really can’t put a price on the value of the data that is being captured and the means by which it is captured. 

Safeguarding this information depends partly on protection founded in technology and information security and partly on physical protection. This physical protection can come in a form as basic as a lock box, but more often it is equipment racks and cabinets that provide plausible security and additional other benefits. 

A wall mounted cabinet is often a perfect solution for smaller installations such as convenience stores and mini marts, as well as fast food restaurants and small retail chain stores. 

Larger facilities such as big box stores and sports bars will most likely require one or more floor cabinets, while the largest installations such stadiums and casinos could require a bank of cabinets and other supporting equipment. 

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Floor and wall cabinets come in a variety of sizes with varying features.

Some floor cabinets even come pre-equipped with component shelves, fans for thermal management, removable side panels for easy service access, casters for mobility, leveling feet, and other features simplifying the installation process by taking much of the storage and equipment management guesswork out of the equation.

When all said and done, it is often the low tech products that bear the brunt of the responsibility for protecting the high tech domain. The selection and placement of the proper physical equipment can mean the difference between protection and prevention vs. loss and recovery.

Keith Fulmer is the president of Video Mount Products.

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