How AV Business Leaders Can Help Unhappy Employees Feel Better—and Stick Around

Published: 2021-04-30

Even as more workers are returning to the office as COVID-19 vaccinations increase across the U.S. and around the world, there are plenty of employees who are struggling to maintain their motivation and stay focused on their daily tasks with the distractions of home continuing to tug on them.

Some employees are speaking out that they are not enjoying their jobs anymore and are experiencing a major disconnect from their companies with the only check-ins coming via videoconferencing platforms and those connections happening only sporadically in some cases.

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AV integrators and manufacturers have faced these issues in the last year or so as much as any other industry, with the decline in projects triggered by pandemic-related disruptions in buildings being open and accessible. That’s led to less revenue in many cases, unless you’re proficient in service too.


According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, 41% of those surveyed said they’re mulling leaving their jobs and burnout hasn’t improved at all, with 45% of workers saying they are overworked and 39% are exhausted.

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More About Preventing Employee Burnout

Companies are desperate to find better ways to make the remote workday more manageable and show that they care about the wellbeing of their employees. WorkForce Software, a provider of cloud-based workforce management solutions, says HR technology can encourage employees to stay.

And, perhaps of more pressing concern for company executives, that technology can also help to make the company better as a holistic operation. Here are a few ways HR technology such as that offered by WorkForce Software can improve the environment at all levels of your organization:

  • Employers can manage the workloads of essential or hourly workers
  • Keeping employees safe and productive
  • Lessening workers’ risk for burnout and fatigue
  • Creating for the most productive environment
  • Implementing work/life balance strategies for employees with balancing kids and remote learning

Even implementing one of these strategies will pay dividends for your AV company and could keep you from losing one of your most prized employees to a competitor at a time when hiring is picking up across the industry with more projects on the immediate horizon.

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