Future-Proof Technology: Caught Between Confidence and a Credibility Issue

Published: March 21, 2017

As an industry, what do we mean when we say something is future-proof? Since the future is always uncertain nothing can ever truly be declared future-proof.

The AV industry is continually launching “future-proof” products and heralding “future-proof” system design practices.

To be clear, Commercial Integrator falls into that category.

We’re proud to present our webcast, How to Future-Proof Digital Signage: It’s More Than You Think.

The audience will hear renowned digital signage expert Alan Brawn of Brawn Consulting and Digital Signage Federation discuss best practices for creating long-lasting digital signage solutions. The subject matter springs from one of Brawn’s educational whitepapers on the topic of future-proofing.

[inpagepromo]Not long after one of our promos for the webinar, which takes place March 22 before being archived on our site, launched I heard from Bruce Kaufmann, CEO of Gaithersburg, Md.-based integration firm Human Circuit. Kaufmann knows the CI staff well enough that he doesn’t feel he has to temper his criticism — or his sarcasm.

He told me that he wants to hire the genius who invented this future-proof technology, adding that he’d love to sell his customers ever-lasting technology “with no impact from future innovation or change.”

Point taken!

Kaufmann was inspired enough to blog about the topic for He discusses the impact on the AV industry when vendors, consultants, bloggers and resellers claim to “see into the future.”

Read Kaufmann’s blog, “Future Proof … Impossible Solution,” here. 

Believe me, after reading Kaufmann’s piece, I’m committed to working my way back into his “tree of trust.”


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