CI Exclusive: Avidex Talks Growth Opportunities, Expanding Leadership

Published: November 22, 2023

In an exclusive, in-depth interview, Commercial Integrator got a chance to speak with Avidex on its recent accomplishments and growth as a renowned integrator in the U.S.

Read below to learn more about the global pro AV integrator and its commitment for providing dedicated customer success.

Commercial Integrator: Avidex has been in the news quite a bit lately, not only because of its growth but also because of its newly announced leadership lineup, with Jeff Davis as CEO and Lance Bowers as COO. What is the vision of this leadership team?

Avidex: This is certainly an exciting time to be at Avidex. While our leadership lineup has changed recently; our mission and vision have remained consistent, allowing for a smooth transition. We are focused on channeling our energy and excitement to accelerate our growth strategy of expansion, diversification, acquisition and continuing to meet our clients’ changing needs with new solutions and services.

Commercial Integrator: Avidex is already the eighth-largest AV integrator in the U.S., but the company is also pursuing an aggressive growth strategy. Can you give us some visibility into this strategy and how it will benefit your clients and our industry?

Avidex: We spent the past several years executing an internal strategy known as “One Company, One Team.” This initiative unified our company under the Avidex brand while simultaneously transforming our digital infrastructure to streamline our internal systems and processes to better serve our clients and internal teams. We’ve focused on standardizing procedures, creating “centers of excellence teams,” and promoting cross-functionality across Avidex. We’re now more agile in executing our customer-first mentality.  As a result, we are in a strong position for continued growth and expansion.

Our growth strategy centers on continued geographic expansion, growing Avidex’s solutions offering, with a renewed focus on acquisitions. To continue serving our clients at the level they expect, we plan to remain at the leading edge of technology, expertise and service.

Commercial Integrator: Avidex is known for being extremely client-centric and committed to customer success. Share your thoughts on the long journey from integrators being contractors/installers to now being strategic, consultative advisors.

Avidex: Thank you. One of our core values has always been creating and living a customer-first culture. We take great pride in our client retention and long-term relationships within the industry. We make sure our teams are enabled to do the right thing for our customers and, if necessary, to always have the backing to make things right. That goes a long way to make customers feel heard and supported for the life of the relationship.

We also understand that as a client’s needs change, we must be flexible in order to meet them. Clients in 2023 are more informed than ever, and their options are vast. These customers are looking for integrators to provide a consultative and advisory approach to their long-term goals and ever-changing needs. With our commitment to continued training, professional development and strategic relationships with our industry partners, we are poised to continue to provide a high value for our clients across all the markets we serve.

Commercial Integrator: Avidex attended the Total Tech Summit 2023 thought-leadership conference in Las Vegas. Share your thoughts on why Avidex attends thought-leader events like this and, in general, the importance of continuous professional development.

Avidex: Collaboration is one of the things that make our industry shine. Opportunities like Total Tech Summit allow for valuable cross-industry collaboration among partners, peers and competitors alike. We can all learn from each other at times, and at the end of the day, we’re all working to push our industry forward for the teams and customers we support. Continuous professional development and partnership are key to our success.

Commercial Integrator: What vision, plan or goal are you most excited about right now?

Avidex: Our focus, first and foremost, is achieving our growth plan. The Avidex leadership team is one of the best in the pro AV industry, and we’re all excited to lead Avidex into its next chapter of success. Like everyone else at the moment, we’re also interested in exploring the potential of artificial intelligence and its impact on how we work, learn, and live. An example of this is our recently announced partnership with Artisight, a smart hospital platform powered by artificial intelligence to provide virtual care and care coordination solutions. We will harness the strengths of both our companies to provide a cutting-edge, turnkey virtual care solution to hospitals.

We’re also focused on meeting the needs of our customers and through robust, sustainable, and value-adding managed service solutions. Specifically, Avidex is supporting our customers with our Avidex Assure remote management/managed service platform and seeing measurable value to clients and Avidex alike.

Commercial Integrator: If people want to learn more about your projects, solutions and leadership, how can they do that?

Avidex: Our team does an excellent job of maintaining our website with up-to-date information and content on our solution and service offerings, as well as showcasing our work through project profiles. We’re also adding new strategic partner pages that will allow us to show the latest in products and solutions from our Avidex Strategic Partners. Beyond that, our full leadership team can be found on our People and Culture page. Our team is also active on LinkedIn and welcomes connecting there, as well.

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