Designing Outside the Box

Published: March 29, 2023

The use cases for digital signage are continuing to grow across a range of verticals. Personally, I fell in love with digital signage the first time that I installed a videowall, back when I was an end user. Whether I was directing a football game and highlighting children dancing during a time out, or whether I was piecing together LED panels to create a certain aesthetic within a banquet hall, I’ve always gotten a rush from using digital signage to help elevate an experience or event. There was always something new and fresh we could create with the signage we had on hand, and it would bring an entire space to the next level.  

Over the years, we’ve seen LED develop and become a hot topic in the digital signage world. Wall panels have become lighter and just overall easier to use. Creative ways of using direct-view LED (DVLED) have widened; as a result, we’re swiftly seeing more users gravitating to DVLED. These days, the technology is for more than just the grandest stages! 

With that in mind, let’s cover a few benefits of (DVLED), drawing on the expertise of Jessica Sanders, development manager of distribution at Absen. “DVLED is far superior to the other display types for multiple reasons,” she opines, mentioning characteristics that include “life span, ease of serviceability/installation, brightness, etc.” Then, Sanders turns to her favorite reason for choosing DVLED: “It allows an integrator to design a solution that lives outside a standard display solution. With the next generation of products, we can create eye-catching creative solutions that transform any environment they are in.” 

Spaces That Can Benefit 

These days, technical design and experience design are inextricably entangled, and creating eye-catching creative solutions is essential to both. DVLED, as a creative tool, is now driving success within projects that meld technology with experiential engagement. Sanders observes that we’re already seeing this in a variety of spaces. “Corporate and retail spaces have been dramatically influenced by DVLED in the last few years,” she notes. Sanders testifies to rapid growth across “conference rooms, boardrooms, impressive lobbies and stunning retail spaces, all utilizing DVLED to drive a message and transform environments with rich, vibrant, high-brightness displays that wow everyone in the room.” 

Sanders is quick to note that, over the years, prices for DVLED displays have drastically decreased. “And because of that,” she adds, “we’ve seen market adoption of DVLED skyrocket.” 

Technology is a vehicle for many things. As for me, though, I’ve always seen technology primarily as a vehicle for communication. Basically, it’s a way to tell a story and engage with an audience. Major brands have embraced digital signage as a means of doing exactly that. Thus, it’s crucial for storytellers to have the perfect canvas to help bring their creation to life, tell their story and engage their audience. If you ask Sanders, DVLED is a great choice to be that canvas because it’s both highly versatile and genuinely dazzling. 

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Moments of Awe 

“DVLED allows clients to create ‘social-media moments’ that inspire people to pull out their smartphones and capture that moment,” she enthuses. “We no longer have to live in a 16:9-aspect-ratio world that, often, is too dim and flat in image quality. DVLED creates a canvas that allows people to put pixels where they want them and create moments of awe.” These are the moments that your clients and partners — that all of us — live for. 

DVLED is one of those display technologies that can help create moments. Sanders believes that, with all the innate benefits, and with price points still coming down, we’ll continue to see DVLED adoption skyrocket. So, ask yourself this: How will you use DVLED displays in 2023 to create a wow factor for your clients? 

If your team and you have already been designing outside the box with DVLED, please reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn, #avtweeps. I want to hear more about the creative approach you’ve taken to create unforgettable experiences with DVLED. 

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