Digital Out-of-Home Analytics: From Insights to Predictions

Published: March 2, 2017
OOH advertising is in a position to be one of the most well-measured and reactive channels for marketers.

Since 1933, Geopath, (formerly the Traffic Audit Bureau), has provided measurement of Out-of- Home advertising (OOH). The OOH industry made a major investment in data and development this year to harness the power of geolocation data.

In conjunction with Streetlytics, a joint partnership between AirSage and Citilabs, Geopath is rolling out a new methodology called MORE.

With the proliferation of geolocation, the OOH industry is in the midst of a data revolution. A medium that was once considered “difficult to measure” now has access to incredibly granular information about who is consuming the content, when, and for how long.

This new access to insights puts OOH advertising in a position to be one of the most well-measured and reactive channels for marketers.

Utilizing data from mobile phones, GPS devices and connected cars, MORE measures the location of audiences throughout the United States. The unique promise of MORE is that the measurement is not tied to the location of the inventory. There is no need for geofences, sensors, or beacons. It is always on, aggregating anonymous audience movement data on roadways and sidewalks, inside venues, and in transit.

“It goes so far beyond the idea of using the real-time data from all of our collective devices we carry around. Instead, we quantify the activity patterns of the population and how peoples’ activities differ market-by-market, neighborhood-by-neighborhood. For the full population we fully understand where, when, and how people are traveling and for what purpose,” says Matthew Martimo, VP of business development, Citilabs.

While the data are anonymized, the system still provides detailed information on those exposed to the ads, beyond demographics, including information on what they buy, the services they use, their likes, dislikes, and even their usage of other media channels.

MORE will provide measurement of audiences who have been exposed to OOH advertising, but also has predictive capabilities to identify how many individuals are likely to be exposed to signage in the future – whether or not the inventory exists in that location today. [related]

“In addition to daily activity patterns, using the massive new data sources, we can observe how many people are visiting a city for a day trip, a week vacation, or a seasonal second home,” says Martimo. “Citilabs also leverages many other data sources to corroborate and predict how the patterns and the populations change over time. By combining things like postal delivery volumes, building permits, and tax records with detailed demographics and market segmentation, we provide very robust one and five year forecasts of population, land-use, and how people move on a daily basis.”

Since MORE is measuring the movement and dwell time of all audiences in all locations across the U.S. both today and in the future, it is an excellent solution for identifying prime locations for new signage.

Leveraging the insights derived from the billions of trips made by consumers every day will help Geopath power a smarter OOH – today and tomorrow.

Kym Frank, president of Geopath

Author Kym Frank will serve as a panelist in the Digital Signage Federation’s DOOH Strategy Summit session entitled, “Analytics: From Insights to Predictions,” on Tuesday, March 28 at 2:00 p.m. at DSE to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. For more information on this or any educational program offered at DSE 2017 or to learn more about digital signage go to For more information on the Digital Signage Federation go to

Kym was elected TAB President at the 2015 OAAA/TAB Conference. In September 2016, Kym led the organization through a full rebrand under the new name, Geopath. Geopath is the industry standard that powers a smarter OOH marketplace – through state-of-the-art audience location measurement, insights, and market research innovation. Kym has 20 years of media research experience, deriving insights from quantitative and qualitative custom research, syndicated resources and big data. Kym’s agency and business consulting background provide her a thorough understanding of how advertising can drive business results. Her recent work leading the Client Solutions team at Symphony Advanced Media included ground-breaking media measurement, advertising effectiveness research and ROI analysis across channels, including mobile, digital, television, radio and GPS technology. Previously, she held leadership research positions at ZenithOptimedia, FTI Consulting, and CBS Television Distribution. Kym is excited about the opportunities available to the out of home industry through the use of big data and looks forward to “powering a smarter OOH marketplace” at Geopath.

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