Don’t Let Your Video Walls Come Crashing Down On Your Customers

Published: March 18, 2021

I’m about a year and a half into my career as an AV media personality, and I’m constantly amazed at the technology and innovation this incredibly unique industry displays every day.

However, what doesn’t get me excited are the non-technical hardware and mounting solutions that help secure these displays, cameras, speakers, microphones and other devices. I know they serve a very important purpose — protecting your customers and their investment from damage — but that part of the industry has never quite interested me.

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Well, once again, my ignorance is on full display.

These installations are heavy, and you should get excited about mounting solutions so your projects don’t seriously injure somebody. That’s what happened on the set of ESPN Columbia when a massive video wall literally fell on top of a reporter during a live broadcast.

The video, shown below in a tweet, looks a lot worse than it actually was. The video shows what looks like a really large video wall come crashing down on soccer journalist Carlos Orduz during an ESPN FC broadcast in Columbia.

Orduz, however, was fine. In a tweet in Spanish, Orduz said he suffered only a few bruises.

We don’t know who installed the video wall, but they better not take my advice and take a lackadaisical approach to video wall mounting solutions for their next project.

On a serious note, you could be held liable if something like that happened to one of your projects. Customer safety should always be a top priority.

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