LG Provided 4K UHD Displays to Both Political Conventions

Published: September 8, 2020

Rarely is anything political bipartisan these days, but that divide apparently doesn’t apply to AV technology, as LG was selected as an official technology provider for both the Democratic and Republican National Convention this year.

Specifically, the company supplied 4K Ultra HD displays to support the DNC’s Milwaukee-based video production of live speeches and pre-recorded segments from across the country. Displays of 43 inches, 55 inches and 65 inches were “at the heart” of the DNC’s multimedia control center in the Wisconsin Center, through which hundreds of feeds from all 50 states were routed.

During the DNC from Aug. 17-20, news stories surfaced about Emmy Award-winning producer Glenn Weiss helping to produce the DNC from his living room in California.

According to his fiancé’s Facebook post, Weiss was originally planning to work from Milwaukee, but opted to set up his own mini control room at his house.

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It’s unclear if LG played a role in equipping Weiss’ living room, but it showcases technological innovation on the largest stage nonetheless.

At the RNC, LG supplied displays for the organization’s operations in the Charlotte Convention Center. Delegates gathered there for the nomination roll call and other meetings.

Other displays of 65 inches and 75 inches were installed in VIP viewing areas and greenrooms that showed live speeches from Washington and pre-recorded segments from around the country.

In a statement, LG Electronics USA senior vice president John I. Taylor said innovation is non-partisan, but it plays a critical role in political conventions. That’s especially true this year with the COVID-19 pandemic limiting both events and pushing much of it to a virtual format.

“As official provider, LG is proud to help make this year’s reimagined digital conventions a reality. Our role as a key technology partner underscores LG’s position as a technology and policy leader in the United States,” Taylor says.

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