New Star Wars Movie Has Fans Thinking About Hover Bikes, Light Sabers and Holograms

Published: 2015-12-09

Are we nearing the days when CEOs will insert company messages into their trusty droids to have them delivered, like how Princess Leia got a message to Obi-Wan Kenobi through R2-D2 in 1977’s “Star Wars: A New Hope?”

Star Wars fans seem less concerned about awakening The Force leading into the premiere of the seventh film in the saga than they do about making their lives easier — and maybe a bit more fun, according to a recent poll.

Almost one-quarter of respondents to a recent Harris poll of more than 2,000 Star Wars fans in the U.S. found people are excited about the potential of receiving hologram messages, while almost as many would love to have their own droids.

Both were topped by hover bikes (32 percent), light sabers (31 percent) and land speeders (26 percent). Hyperdrive (22 percent), galaxy guns (14 percent), wrist rockets (11 percent) and planet-destroying technology such as the Death Star (9 percent) rounded things out.

In the poll by Harris and myDevices, people declared what we might already know: convenience is king. More than 80 percent of respondents say they want to more fully automate their lives, through housecleaning (56 percent), work commute and yard work (34 percent each) and exercise (22 percent). Seven percent of respondents said they would like to automate carnal knowledge of their significant others — and luckily for them, there are robots that can stand in for them there.

It’s probably no surprise, based on the scene outside many of your favorite movie theaters more than a week before “The Force Awakens” premieres on Dec. 18, that men were more interested in much of the Star Wars technology in most cases.

  • 96 percent of 18-34 year old men vs. 87 percent of 18-34 year old women
  • 88 percent of 35-44 year old men vs. 76 percent of 35-44 year old women
  • 89 percent of 45-54 year old men vs. 62 percent of 45-54 year old women
  • 75 percent of 55-54 year old men vs 68 percent of 55-64 year old women

The exception comes when you talk to senior citizens, with 52 percent of men 65 or older who have seen the films saying they’d like some Star Wars tech compared to 58 percent of women of the same age.

By the way, Star Wars technology isn’t restricted to hover bikes, land speeders or other high-speed modes of transportation. Even the costumes from the Star Wars saga are chock full of cool futuristic gadgets.

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