TeamViewer, Harman to Monitor IoT Devices in Smart Buildings

Published: April 13, 2017
Internet of things, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are all influencing how people communicate and access information.

The buzz around Internet of Things (IoT) being a gateway to better information and management of smart buildings is well documented. What’s sometimes left out of that excitement, however, is exactly how the details such as monitoring and management of those devices will take place.

[related]Cloud-based technology provider TeamViewer and Harman have teamed to deliver a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing small and large numbers of IoT devices in smart buildings, according to a blog by TeamViewer.

Integration firms interested in providing their customers with more value by packing analytics and metrics surrounding system utilization, energy usage and general return on investment would benefit by learning more about the potential around IoT.

More from TeamViewer’s blog on IoT collaboration with Harman:

Before, HARMAN customers with smart buildings were already able to use the HARMAN IoT gateway to gather the status of building devices through more than 500 different sensor types.

By combining their Smart Building management system and TeamViewer’s remote control offering, operations managers and service technicians can continuously monitor the IoT Gateway.

The operational status of the gateway is displayed in HARMAN’s Smart Building dashboard, with additional detail available on TeamViewer’s own extensive monitoring dashboard.

The solution displays critical information collected from a variety of sensors as well as monitor the sensors and gateways.

That way, service technicians and operations managers can receive notifications on the sensors, including common problems such as connectivity or battery power issues, as well as the possibility to access the gateway to run updates or troubleshoot remotely.

Access will be enabled through a web interface on the gateway.

CI has challenged integration firms with the premise that Internet of Things is coming to the workplace and that it wants data. The question has always been around how that data might be consistently acquired. Developments like this one between Harman and TeamViewer offer a window into that answer.


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