The Best Security Integrators Use Collaboration to Unlock Success

Published: 2024-03-13

At PSA, we do surveys and continuously talk to members about the benefits of membership, and collaboration consistently rises to the top. The financial benefits of PSA are undeniable, but because members are all security business owners experiencing the same business pains and opportunities, there is so much learning and growth that can benefit one another. Through events like PSA TEC and PSA Committees, members come together to learn, share business challenges and grow together.

Overall, the power of business collaboration lies in the ability to bring together complementary strengths, resources and perspectives to achieve common goals more effectively and efficiently than any single entity could on its own. The collaboration rises to the top for PSA members because of several reasons including leveraging expertise and experiences, innovation and market expansion. PSA provides incredible opportunities to stimulate and create collaboration opportunities:

Learn Together & Network at PSA TEC

TEC is the most powerful event for security integrators, providing attendees with prominent networking and connection opportunities, educational sessions, technology certifications, engaging panels and interactive workshops that explore emerging trends and provide professional development.

Over 500 security integrators come together for a four-day rich agenda on May 13-16, including educational programming, 45 expert sessions and 30 technology certification courses. Topics include business and leadership, sales strategy, operations, digital transformation and soft skills.

While virtual communication tools have become increasingly prevalent and convenient, the power of meeting in person should not be underestimated, and PSA TEC is an incredible event to build relationships, network, exchange ideas, learn together and create memorable experiences.  The energy and dynamics of face-to-face interactions can inspire innovative ideas and solutions that may not arise in virtual environments.

This year’s keynote brings the ever-present topic of AI led by Zack Kass, AI futurist and former Go To Market leader at OpenAI. Zack will bring an optimistic approach to the conversation and focus on how the industry can leverage AI for good. He’ll discuss the intersection of AI advancements and their practical applications in the business landscape.

Grow Business Together with the National Deployment Program

PSA members collaborate to have a broader customer reach through the National Deployment Program. Integrators access over 700 branch locations across North America to boost their competitive advantage in the security market by partnering with other PSA integrators they can trust to gain extended national coverage, resources and local management to compete on projects previously unattainable. With coverage ranging from Canada to Puerto Rico, PSA security integrators have the extended geographical footprint and resources to compete on major rollouts.

The program consists of a network of certified security integrators who are vetted against 120 different qualification criteria and listed in a repository database with mapping capabilities. Manufacturers, customers, or end-users can contact PSA with national deployment opportunities and PSA will produce a list of highly qualified PSA security integrators matching project specific requirements.

Share & Support Each Other through PSA Committees

Imagine getting monthly confidential access to a group of trusted advisors who help each other with business strategy, emerging technology, human resources issues and more. By coming together as a network to share ideas and tackle industry challenges head-on, PSA’s specialty committees deliver value to ALL integrators, regardless of size or markets served.

As it relates to innovation and technology, it’s important for the security industry to come together to collaborate and the committees facilitate this. The evolving nature of security calls for collaboration. This means not only sharing integrations, but also best practices that address the latest threats.

There are 17 PSA committees with specialty focus on topics like finance, leadership, service, women in security, sales strategy, technology, next gen and more.

Working together builds trust between collaborators and creates relationships that last for years and years. PSA serves as a catalyst by fostering an environment that facilitates networking opportunities and providing resources and platforms for members to connect. Leading and owning a business can be isolating and having like-minded peers to work with is invaluable. By connecting with others, PSA members learn from each other, share best practices and develop new ideas and strategies to navigate challenging times. PSA brings security integrators together to achieve greater collective impact and drive positive change.

Jen Pringle is PSA Director of Marketing and Communications.

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