The Social Media Strategy Anyone Can Get Behind

Published: 2015-12-10

What social media do you use, I mean really use? Why? Why do you spend time and/or money using that social media? There are those of us who use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Tumblr, SnapChat, and other platforms. But why?

As you are doing end-of-the-year assessments and putting together goals for 2016, it’s a valid question. Social media is much more than simple marketing. See the “social” part of social media. It’s a tool to have a conversation with… anyone.

Let’s say that recruiting new qualified talent is a big pain point for you and your integration firm. For a number of companies it certainly is. How are you reaching out to those you would like to recruit? You certainly could do job fairs, college guidance counselors, or job websites.

Social media is another platform for you to consider adding to your recruiting efforts. LinkedIn is an obvious one here. You can see a potential candidate’s job history, their qualifications, and who are their connections. Twitter and other social media that allows for a bit more free expression gives you an insight into thought leadership. You can see if there are candidates out there who align with your company’s philosophy as well as whether they have the right “stuff” to do the job.

If you are looking for potential clients, you go to where they are. And they are on social media. This is where you are going to need to start the conversation. Write a blog and promote it. Follow them on the various social media platforms, and not just the corporate handle. Follow their CEO, CIO, and their employees. When they express exasperation over one technology or another, you can swoop in with a solution.

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This does not mean you have to watch social media all day. Most platforms have filters and search options that allow you to see certain words and phrases.

Finding partners is another great use for social media. When I started AVNation I only knew a handful of people in the AV industry. It was through the use of Twitter and other platforms that I was able to connect with a wide range of great people. Watch someone’s feed to see if they connect with you. Start a conversation. Say hi. It is much easier from the comfort of your office than at a party. If they don’t respond move on to another.

Social media is not new, it isn’t scary, and it really does not take all your time. Think of it as networking on a global scale on your time schedule. Get out there. Get a handle and step into the conversation. You have something to offer the community and you could learn a thing or two from them.

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