UC&C Made Easy: How a Scalable, Turnkey Conference Room-in-a-Box Solution Simplifies Pro AV Deployments

Published: June 28, 2023
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In a post-pandemic world, conferencing and collaboration solutions have become an integral part of the modern workplace. The rise of remote and hybrid work means that unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) solutions are a must-have for businesses to ensure operational continuity, improve efficiency and nurture a cohesive work culture. Any interruptions in seamless, real-time communication can have a significant impact on productivity and employee satisfaction.

As they evaluate UC&C options, organizations also may benefit from engaging partners with the supply chain expertise needed to rapidly deliver globally scalable solutions. Turnkey conference room-in-a-box solutions can simplify deployment across multiple locations, save time and money for both end users and integrators, scaling as needed.

The Need for Turnkey Conferencing & Collaboration Solutions

Employees are accustomed to point-and-click conferencing apps, and expect a seamless, intuitive experience during meetings, regardless of their location. At the same time, in-office employees don’t have the time or patience to track down IT support if conference room technology fails.

Businesses (end users through integrator partners) can purchase the necessary equipment — such as cameras, microphones, speakers, screens and more — on a piecemeal basis. But that approach can add unnecessary complexities for both the end user and the integrator, running the risk of going over budget or running into delays if individual vendors experience supply chain or product availability challenges. A turnkey approach to conference room deployments can save corporate users time and money while increasing productivity and employee satisfaction with a seamless in office UC&C experience. Integrators also benefit by no longer having to stock inventory, which positively impacts working capital, saves time and increases job profitability.

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Benefits of a Conference Room-in-a-Box Solution

Taking a seamless, end-to-end approach provides several benefits to businesses, end users and integrators:

  • Any size or scale: Whether you need to equip only a handful of rooms or manage a large, global deployment across hundreds of locations, a turnkey solution can handle virtually any conference room need and scale as you grow.
  • Consistency: Whether your conference room deployments are local, regional, national or global, businesses and users can count on a consistent experience.
  • Rapid delivery and installation: We know that one size rarely fits all. The room-in-a-box methodology is a system that significantly expedites delivery and can be tailored to individual need; devices are preconfigured and DOA tested ahead of time for a quick installation. In fact, utilizing this approach can save up to 4 hours of installation time per room, alternatively, installations can take weeks or even months
  • Greater savings: This method saves end users money while also helping to increase employee efficiency and satisfaction.
  • Integrator efficiency: Since the pre-configured equipment can either be sent directly to the end-user office or to the integrator for delivery and installation, integrators no longer must carry this inventory, freeing up working capital. And easier deployment means quicker ROI and enhanced profitability.

Case Study: Global Energy Provider Deploys 28 Conference Rooms in 14 Days

A recent use case demonstrates the speed, scalability and effectiveness of utilizing a turnkey approach to UC&C implementations. A global energy provider needed to upgrade its conference room systems and desired a solution that was easy to use and consistent across the organization. They wanted the platform and equipment to be standardized to streamline support, training and maintenance. And, with 2,400 rooms to update, they also knew that it could be a challenge to minimize disruption during implementation.

The company turned to a global distributor that produced a conference room-in-a-box solution pre-configured with Microsoft Teams to fit their meeting space requirements. Rooms were pre-provisioned according to forecast, and hardware was pre-imaged, configured and tested to expedite installation — all while working to remove excess packaging since one of the company’s goals was to reduce onsite waste.

Thanks to the distributor’s efficient, far-reaching deployment services and integrator partners, each room kit quickly arrived at the client organization’s sites ready to install. The first 28 rooms were completed in only 14 days, surpassing expectations, while the second phase deployed 250 more rooms in just over 90 days.

Simplifying Conference Room Deployments

One of the greatest benefits of a conference room-in-a-box solution is that it simplifies the ordering and deployment of UC&C systems. All the hardware end users need is combined into a single part number.

Don’t underestimate the value this can bring to your team. Conference rooms enabled with UC&C solutions require a wide variety of components, which can include:

  • Platform licenses
  • Tabletop devices
  • Cameras and microphones
  • Displays, speakers and display mounts
  • System wiring and network cables
  • Connectivity and cable management solutions

With everything covered by a single part number, end users don’t have to deal with the challenge of managing multiple orders, and integrators no longer need to carry all the items in inventory, helping to preserve working capital.

Additionally, each room arrives pre-configured, tested and ready to install. All told, simplifying the conference room ordering and deployment process greatly improves both consistency and speed of delivery.

Even in cases where organizations may need a more traditional UC&C deployment than the in-a-box solution, working with a global AV distribution partner and experienced integrator can still provide significant benefits in terms of one-stop ordering and hassle-free project management.

The Right Partner Makes All the Difference

The professional AV industry continues to evolve. Customers increasingly need complex solutions delivered on time and on budget to increase employee efficiency, productivity and satisfaction. When it comes to conferencing and collaboration solutions, organizations need partners who possess the supply-chain reach and expertise to rapidly deliver the right equipment anywhere in the world.

A global, professional AV distribution partner, especially one that can provide a unified conference room-in-a-box solution already integrated with a communication platform, can help customers achieve their UC&C goals. With the support of such a partner, both integrators and end users can realize multiple logistical and financial benefits.

Wesco's Phil Langley headshotPhil Langley is Wesco’s senior vice president, Global Pro AV and UCC. Phil’s extensive background in power distribution and substation control set the stage for an early entry in the European pro AV industry. For over 20 years, Phil has consistently led in nearly every facet of the enterprise AV space to consultancies to system integrators, global manufacturers like Bose, AMX and Harman as well as with leading ICT distributors across the globe.

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