WED Group Helps Australia Casino Regain World-Class Status

Published: 2017-06-20

When it comes to technology and attention-grabbing accommodations, the team behind St. George Leagues Club Casino in Sydney, Australia, doesn’t take any gambles. They want the best of everything to maintain a long-standing reputation as one of the city’s most prestigious gaming venues.


That’s why, when executive manager Gary Garr noticed that the video graphics displayed on the casino’s displays looked “messy,” he called WED Group to fix his problem. Based on the suggestion of WED group services and integration manager Matthew Joyce, the club completely redesigned its content distribution system to utilize Gefen’s 1080p Video Over IP (VoIP) solutions, which neatly and seamlessly distribute video graphics to the casino’s 100 displays.

WED Group “had a stellar reputation among the local community as the most trusted integration firm and a combined experience of over 50 years in power management and the electrical industry,” according to the Integration Awards application. WED Group “prides themselves on their extensive team of programmers for many major AV systems, giving them the ability to solve problems fast and efficiently without the need for third-party involvement.”

This, along with their extensive portfolio of work within the hospitality space, made Garr and his team confident that they were the right choice for this crucial project. Joyce and his team “understood that this project was incredibly important, and knew that Gefen was the best choice to make sure that all the video graphics were neatly and seamlessly distributed.”

IP System for Smooth Distribution

Previously, St. George Leagues Club Casino’s system utilized VGA extenders that were piggy-backed off each other, which proved to be extremely sensitive. Additionally, the extenders were not labeled, making it nearly impossible to diagnose problems. The newly built system utilizes a sophisticated network of Gefen 1080p products paired with a Cisco SG500 48 port switch and ASUS Wireless Router to eliminate these issues.

With four Gefen VGA KVM Video over IP senders, 12 Gefen VGA KVM Video over IP receivers, six Gefen HDMI KVM Video over IP receivers, four Gefen 1 by 8 HDMI splitters, and two Gefen 1 by 4 HDMI splitters, Garr and the team at St. George Leagues Club Casino “can rest assured that the graphic content is distributed smoothly within the casino.”

More Screens, Solutions to Come

Joyce and his team took multiple gaming graphic PCs and connected them to Gefen KVM senders. Once they were connected to the Cisco switch and programmed with their output channel, they could be left alone to keep the transmission extremely neat. The result is a simple and seamless video distribution system.

St. George Leagues Club Casino has plans to expand the system in the future to add an additional 100 screens, and incorporate digital advertising to boost revenue for the casino.

“We look forward to expanding the system to include the entire casino floor,” said Joyce.


WED Group Equipment Highlights

Cisco SG500 48 port switch with 10G fiber links
Gefen VGA KVM Video Over IP Transmitter
Gefen HDMI KVM Video Over IP Transmitter
Gefen VGA KVM Video Over IP Receivers
Gefen HDMI KVM Video Over IP Receivers
Gefen 4- and 8-way HDMI splitters
Gefen 4 way HDMI Splitters
Aten 8-wayVGA splitters
ASUS wireless Router

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