Why NSCA BLC: Insights, Ideas Yield Great ROI

Published: February 24, 2015

It’s difficult to imagine an integration industry event in which more market and company decision makers are in one room at that same time, as when it happens repeatedly during NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference.

The 17th annual event, which takes place February 26-28 in Tampa, Fla., is expected to be the largest BLC with 300-plus attendees. Here, we shed some light on some of the faces in a crowd full of thought-leaders, and why each one is attending this event.

John Greene, VP of sales and marketing at Advanced AV

Grand Prairie, Texas

Why is it worth your time to attend BLC?

I have attended the NSCA BLC for the past four years. The conference presents a remarkably wonderful balance of business, motivational, industry and financial subject matter.

Each speaker in the past has provided an insight and fresh perspectives in their area of knowledge. The ability to network with industry peers has always provided a great return and this conference schedules and incorporates this idea better than any other industry event.

Each conference provides a great ROI with insights and roadmap ideas as the offset to any of the cost associated. As a company we have returned from the BLC with a hot topic idea, immediately adopting into the business plan for the upcoming year.

The BLC has been invaluable as a reference point to where your company is in the industry. The economic data provided by NSCA have often assured us that decisions made were correct. I have always enjoyed the ability to slow down and listen at this conference utilizing the information received as a kick start for the new year.

When you get back to your office after BLC, what will determine if it was a successful event for you and your company?

No. 1, take one idea and implement that throughout the company.

No. 2, return with one, often many times more than one, connection for future discussion of strategic networking or partnerships.

What’s a topic that you’d like to see the industry focus on more?

I would be interested in a focus on business categories versus new technologies. Topics like marketing, financial, HR are often left behind.

The NSCA and the BLC provide great insight and valuable updated information. However, as an industry we instinctively focus on overcoming tech issues. The AV industry has always been successful and committed to understanding new and challenging technology whenever it presents itself to us, but often the lack of business acumen has caused failure.

What’s one “fun fact” about you personally that could lead to some interesting conversations over cocktails at BLC?

I have been in the industry since 1979 and have ridden the wave of some technologies long enough to see reiteration of them come around two or three times.

We should have a “last person standing,” based upon what “technology” you first touched. There are older attendees but I think I would be in the last group standing. They should ask attendees to put on your name badge which technology started it for you. “Ask me about B/W 1/2-inch EIAJ recorders” or “Is a 80-lb. ampex 1-inch machine truly portable?”

Are you on Twitter?

Yes, @jgreenesix.

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