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Crestron Introduces Flex MM Tabletop Conferencing System

Crestron Flex MM merges video conferencing with unified communications for corporate office and work-from-home environments.

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Crestron Introduces Flex MM Tabletop Conferencing System

Crestron today introduced the Crestron Flex MM, an audio and video conferencing solution suitable for both conference room and work-from-home applications.

The Flex MM “enables integrators to bring an enterprise-grade, tabletop unified communications solution to the home office with native Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms software,” according to the Crestron announcement.

“The hybrid virtual home office is the future,” says Crestron director of UC enterprise Andrew Gross.

Gross cited data that pre-COVID-19, only 15% of workers were in home offices. But forecasts show that even after the pandemic is over, 85% of workers will embrace a hybrid work environment in both their home office and their corporate office.

Meanwhile, 73% of workers say they want a hybrid work environment going forward.

Crestron Flex MM “meets the growing demand for improved conferencing technology in any work or learning space,” the company announcement says.

“This bridges the gap between enterprise and work from home,” says Gross.

Crestron Flex MM

More About Crestron Flex MM

Crestron Flex MM (the MM stands for “Mercury Mini) “brings quality tabletop video conferencing to small spaces while delivering one-touch connectivity in a compact footprint that is 40% smaller than the company’s larger Crestron Flex MX solution,” the company announcement says.

Crestron forecasts that as companies migrate former huddle spaces into hotel spaces for workers and convert conference rooms into dedicated small team workspaces or management offices, investment in smaller but high-performance UC devices that bring enterprise level professional audio and video conferencing solutions to all working environments will increase.

“The pandemic has dramatically shifted the way we work and the spaces we work in,” says Gross. “Microsoft Teams and Zoom are household names, huddle rooms and conference spaces are being redefined to team units, and our desks are overrun with migratory devices that are never ready for the next video call.

“The future of work is in Crestron’s DNA and solutions such as Crestron Flex MM demonstrate our continuous innovation in enterprise technology that allows people to work efficiently and effectively from anywhere,” he said.

Crestron Flex MM 30 will be available on Aug. 31 with three different options, including the audio conference-only for Microsoft Teams (UC-MM30-TA) with an advertised price of $750; the video conferencing models for Microsoft Teams (UC-MM30-T); and Zoom Rooms (UC-MM30-Z) with an advertised price of $3,000.

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