Oblong to Display Mezzanine Teamwork for Collaboration at InfoComm 2017

Oblong Industries introduces Mezzanine Teamwork, a collaboration tool for smaller work spaces. See it at InfoComm 2017 in Orlando.

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Oblong to Display Mezzanine Teamwork for Collaboration at InfoComm 2017

Oblong introduces collaboration for smaller spaces with Mezzanine Teamwork.

At the upcoming InfoComm 2017 in Orlando, Oblong Industries will exhibit its new collaboration tool, Mezzanine Teamwork, in booth #1871.

Oblong Industries says Mezzanine Teamwork is a purpose-built tool, designed to maximize interaction for each collaboration phase and make transitions between phases fluid and natural.

“At last, teams around the globe, in workspaces and meeting rooms of all sizes, will have access to true collaboration,” says John Underkoffler, CEO, Oblong Industries. “That means contributing interactively and in real time to a shared visual context; and a team that literally sees the same thing in the same way is ideally equipped to produce great content and make smart decisions.”

The Los Angeles-based company explains that collaboration is maximized when content can be created, shared, discussed and resolved. That’s why placing a collaboration solution like Mezzanine Teamwork into huddle spaces, meeting rooms and other similar environments can maximize productivity. Hence Teamwork.

Mezzanine Teamwork Features

The dual-screen configuration makes efficient use of office space without sacrificing functionality, project momentum and the preservation of the creative process ensure productivity.

Oblong Industries cites a study it commissioned and had conducted by Forrester Consulting that finds that “collaborators lose the thread if they have to take turns or wait.” The study, which is called “The Total Economic Impact of the Immersive Collaboration Solution,” also finds that “just one second’s pause interrupts flow of thought; after 10 seconds people tend to disengage from from an ongoing dialogue. Remote teams are more likely to suffer such disengagement, which in turn drops innovation behavior by 93 percent and performance by 50 percent.”

The West Coast company adds that through its interactive tools, which transform workflow into an immersive experience—an experience Oblong calls Infopresence—teams stay in the creative flow from start to finish.

“We’re thrilled to launch a new member of the Mezzanine family and open a crucial new market,” comments Underkoffler. “Mezzanine Teamwork is one more way we enable people throughout an organization to be as creative, collaborative and productive in the workplace as success in the 21st Century requires.”

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