Prysm Announces Availability of Summer 17 Software

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Prysm Announces Availability of Summer 17 Software

The San Jose, Calif.-based company Prysm, Inc., has announced the availability of its Summer 17 software.

According to the company, some of the specifics include a collaborative browsing capability option along with Google Cast functionality and improved annotation features.

Prysm says this option enables multiple people in different locations to launch and interact with multiple browser sessions simultaneously. Prysm says that using the group participation function facilitates the owner of a browsing session to enable other project participants to control the session, and it allows for the passing of session control, as long as the session’s owner is still online.

“Collaboration has to be fluid and it cannot be tied to one ecosystem, environment or feature, as each employee has their own work style and application preferences. Our Summer ’17’ software release is a testament to our commitment to encouraging more meaningful employee engagement by creating new ways for content to be viewed and accessed, ultimately generating better business insights,” says Amit Jain, president and CEO. “Because of our unique offering, we recently experienced our largest quarter of user acquisition. By providing enterprises with this flexible approach, we are creating a collaboration experience that is vital to success.”

Summer 17 Includes Google Cast

Another of the prominent features built into Prysm’s latest product is Google Cast. Through the inclusion of Google Cast and Apple AirPlay, Prysm users can now wirelessly share content and screens using Google Cast.

Prysm states that users can enable their Google Chrome browser to share a single Chrome browser tab or their entire desktop. The feature also allows for the ability to share up to four wireless devices simultaneously within the same workspace, or for switching between four wireless devices in Prysm Go.

The company points out that its updated annotation features support a better user experience through functions such as real-time smoothing for “more polished” markups, and easy mistake and sketch tools that allow for simple editing via “undo/redo” options.

Learn more about Prysm and Summer 17 on the company’s website.