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36 of the Most High-Tech Distance Learning Colleges in North America

From innovative web conferencing technology to robust online learning platforms, the following North American universities offer distance learners a variety of educational options to help them earn degrees that are just as valuable as on-campus degrees.

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DeVry University is listed as one of the most high-tech distance learning colleges in North America due to its impressive connected classroom technology. Watch the video above to learn more.

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Distance learning has come a long way since the concept was reportedly first put into action in 1728, when the Boston Gazette ran an ad about a man named Caleb Phillipps who offered to teach shorthand to students anywhere in the country by exchanging letters.

Thanks to technology, many universities across the nation, and world, offer some variation of online learning.

Beyond simply accessing information and coursework online, however, some universities have enabled students to collaborate and communicate with each other and their professors via web conferencing tools and collaboration software. Moreover, students now have the ability to achieve a variety of degrees without ever having to step foot on campus.

Pulling from a few different rankings from, and, we’ve compiled our own list of the most technologically advanced distance learning colleges in North America.

The following list of 36 high-tech distance learning colleges offer students innovative avenues for learning through technology like advanced online learning platforms, web conferencing software, lecture capture solutions and much more.

Take a look at the following slideshow to see who stood out to us as the most technologically advanced distance learning schools and let us know if we missed any!

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