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Audio Considerations in Distance Learning Environments

Commercial Integrator discussed audio in distance learning applications and more in a recent 3 questions interview with Dave Garlett of Audix.

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Dave Garlett of Audix joins Commercial Integrator for a 3 questions interview about audio considerations in distance learning environments. Watch the full video above to learn more.

Students and teachers alike must be heard:

“Younger students, the K-12 market especially, there’s a lot of collaborative learning that occurs. When just capturing the teacher, the interactions between the students are completely lost. I think you can attribute that to a lot of the struggles that kids are having these days when they’re isolated at home and only have the feedback or interaction between the teacher.”

Installed systems or lavalier microphones?

“The install solution is probably preferred where budgets and other matters get into pass around or worn microphones. The install solutions you’re basically trying to cover the space that students occupy… The more natural interactions occur if you have an installed system where they don’t even think about it, where they’re acting as they would normally and the audio is simply captured.”

Should you build systems specifically for classrooms or create a more holistic system that oversees an entire building or campus?

“It’s pretty evenly split between an individual classroom system where the systems are independent to the classrooms. It does make sense in that sense that if any maintenance is required only one classroom would be dealt with at that time. Where the enterprise solutions there’s some cost savings that come into play when you’re using a server-based DSP in these applications and doing an entire school on one system where the paging system and other systems become part of that. There’s some good economics in that to explore for sure.”

About Audix:

Audix pushes the limits of technology. Our state of the art facility in Wilsonville, Oregon is home to our research, design, fabrication, assembly, final test, and logistics operations. We continue to evolve and strive to provide our customers with products that exceed industry expectations. To learn more visit our website.

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