Harman Helps Griffith University’s Red Zone Make Interactive Learning Spaces a Reality

Blending Harman Pro AV Solutions, imagination & technology, Videopro creates interactive learning spaces for visitors and students at Griffith University.

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Harman Helps Griffith University’s Red Zone Make Interactive Learning Spaces a Reality

Videopro recently deployed Harman Professional AV Solutions at the Griffith University Red Zone to provide “a dynamic, new experience” — basically, interactive learning spaces.

Griffith University—with five campuses across Australia—recently conceptualized “innovative new learning spaces called Red Zones.

A Red Zone is “designed to project appealing visuals on the walls and ceilings, creating an interactive, engaging learning experience,” according to the announcement.

Griffith hired Videopro, who devised the complete setup utilizing Harman solutions consisting of AMX Modero touchpanels, Enova DVX presentation switchers and DGX digital media switchers and JBL Control Series speakers..

“Griffith University needed state-of-the-art AV solution, enabling faculty to display media and presentations in new and compelling ways,” said Alex Russell, senior account executive at Videopro.

Reshaping Griffith University

Videopro composed an interactive display wall, split into three sections, enabling students and staff to showcase their research activities, display presentations and video calls and host industry events in the same room, says Russell.

Videopro installed a custom fiberglass dome screen with motion sensor technology to control user input to create a 3D projection wall and ceiling experience. The dome provides a complete 157-degree field of view that’s similar to a flight simulator.

Four high-brightness projectors in portrait orientation are blended to create a standard image.

To minimize the audio spill, parabolic speakers were fixed. In addition, a Microtile touch wall was established to form a digital canvas during full-screen display.

The augmented reality sandbox was used to create an augmented atmosphere that can be used to teach geographic, geologic and hydrological concepts.

Tech Inside the Interactive Learning Spaces

Videopro outfitted Griffith University with Modero MSD-701-L and MSD-1001-L touch panels, which enable staffers to set up multimedia presentations.

The AMX HPX-1600 retractable connection ports and the NetLinx NX-3200 integrated controller operate a variety of components, including audio/video conferencing and projectors.

Griffith University

The Enova DVX-3155HD presentation switcher, DGX DVI input and output cards and DGX16-ENC DGX enclosure offer audio and video distribution throughout the entire space.

JBL Control 25AV and Control 65 P/T ceiling-mounted speakers allow audience members to enjoy sound from anywhere in the room.

“The Red Zone is a space that Griffith uses to showcase what we do, said Griffith University’s Mery Connell. “Its multifaceted zone allows us to create an enhanced participatory, interactive learning spaces for students.

Staff members can quickly integrate new media into lectures, allowing for more relevant and flexible conversations.

Nearly 50,000 students have visited the Red Zone in the last year.

“We see this as an indicator of project success,” says Connell. “Not only do people like coming here, but it is our way of engaging with the larger community.”