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NanoLumens Curved LED Display Stands Out in Western Sydney University’s Impressive ‘Vertical’ Campus

Up to 10,000 of Western Sydney University’s students are kept informed, entertained and engaged with university content and information via a curved 25’W X 5’H NanoLumens display that can be seen from anywhere within the building’s lobby.

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NanoLumens Curved LED lobby information display in action at Western Sydney University's vertical campus.

If you’re going to spend $220.5 million on a new campus, it better deliver on improving students’ education and lifestyles.

That’s what Western Sydney University was hoping to bring its students when it began a $220.5 million project to build a new ‘vertical’ campus in the Parramatta City Precinct in Sydney, Audstralia.

The goal of the project was to keep the thousands of students who pass through the vertical campus informed and engaged with campus news and events. With that many students walking through a 285,224 sqaure foot, 14-story high vertical campus every day, this posed quite the challenge.

The 25’W X 5’H (7.5m X 1.5m) display wraps around a very tight radius, weighs only 749 pounds (350 Kg), is a mere 4-inches deep (100mm), and requires only 2x 15amp circuits to power it.

Western Sydney called on consultants from Digital Place Solutions to take on the challenge. In order to catch students’ attentions with campus news and information as soon as they enter the vertical campus, Digital Place Solutions decided to integrate digital signage into the campus’ lobby. But not just any digital signage—it needed to stand out.

Stephen Rubie, managing director of Digital Place Solutions, chose a NanoLumens ‘true curved’ 4.7mm pixel pitch LED display to install in the wall of the university’s campus hub. The curved LED display wraps around a curved central wall directly behind the campus’ information desk and had to be formed to fit the vision of the architect, which was to be able to showcase dynamic images seamlessly on the curved wall.

“Interestingly, at first the idea for the information area did not include a display because the architect didn’t think it was possible to find a true curved display that would work well within the overall design of the space,” Rubie said in a NanoLumens press release. “When we showed them the performance of the true curved NanoLumens display they knew they had to incorporate it into the design of the space. In fact, the display made the space!”

Equally compelling was the fact that the entire display could be installed without requiring changes to the wall the display would be mounted on. The 25’W X 5’H (7.5m X 1.5m) display wraps around a very tight radius, weighs only 749 pounds (350 Kg), is a mere 4-inches deep (100mm), and requires only 2x 15amp circuits to power it.

“The entire installation only took three days to complete,” Rubie continued, “and because the display generates so little heat there was no need to install fans or special ventilation. In fact, people sit all day directly in front of the display.”

“The students who study at this new campus will find themselves immersed in one of Australia’s most technologically advanced learning environments,” Kerry Holling, WSU Chief Information and Digital Officer, said today. “The campus is a hub of interactive personalized and networked technologies that are designed to enhance every aspect of the learning experience. It was only fitting then that the building’s main lobby feature an information display that is as compelling as the technologies featured throughout the rest of the building.”

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