Prysm Launches Next-Generation Sketchboard in Winter 2017 Release

Prysm winter 2017 software release includes Windows 10 support, in-app training for new users and updated design features.

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Prysm Launches Next-Generation Sketchboard in Winter 2017 Release

Prysm, Inc. today announced its winter 2017 software release featuring a next-generation digital sketchboard, Windows 10 support, and updated design and homepage capabilities.

Prysm’s new sketchboard “goes far beyond competing solutions, as it allows bi-directional, real-time collaboration for disparate meeting participants along with a natural writing experience, multi-directional resizing, and ability to zoom in and out of the experience for maximum use case flexibility,” according to the company press release.

The sketchboard “is also the only whiteboard offering that is part of a complete digital workplace platform, offering a path to an enhanced solution experience,” according to Prysm’s announcement.

The Winter 2017 software release supports the continued expansion of Prysm’s collaboration ecosystem, integrating several new features, including:

  • Windows 10 Support: In-room Prysm collaboration appliances will now support the enterprise-preferred Windows 10 operating system because of its improved security and performance. Following this release, all Prysm collaboration appliances for new orders will ship pre-imaged with Windows 10. End-user IT departments will still enjoy the choice of adding their own security images to the Prysm collaboration appliance.
  • In-Room Homepage Design: Adopting similar design patterns of Prysm’s mobile device interface, the new Prysm in-room homepage will provide users with a more engaging and intuitive interface that allows them to quickly get started on projects and workspaces or pull up an existing project. It also enables users to see which projects recently had changes made to them, in addition to those currently being worked on by peers. New project search, sort and filter capabilities have also been added to this redesign.
  • In-App Training: On first log-in, new users will be prompted with an introductory self-guided slideshow that contains useful tips on how to create projects within Prysm and how to share content with other participants.
  • User-Friendly: New features enable customers to easily manipulate content by panning and zooming directly on their sketchboard canvas, selecting background colors and accessing a highlighter.

Prysm, winter 2017 software release

“Many of today’s digital sketchboards offer aspects of the tools employees need, but they lack the surrounding digital workplace capabilities that can turn an ad-hoc brainstorm session into actionable progress,” said Paige O’Neill, CMO of Prysm.

“With today’s software release, we are not only solving those problems, we’re up-leveling sketchboard collaboration by providing a space for users to work with multiple idea streams simultaneously in the context of the challenge being addressed. This, ultimately, helps users come to smarter conclusions, and faster.”

Prysm’s winter 2017 software release will be available to Prysm hosted customers this month. Users who leverage Prysm’s mobile device access will see the experience automatically updated. Administrators of Prysm’s in-room versions can request an upgrade via Prysm Customer Support.