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Speco Introduces LX DVR to its Hybrid Line

Speco’s new LX is its first DVR to combine IP megapixel technology with 960H analog recording capabilities.

The Amityville, N.Y.-based manufacturer Speco Technologies offers a range of electronics solutions for the audio, video and security markets. 

The Skinny: Adding to its line of security solutions, Speco has introduced its new LX DVR.

The Specs:The LX DVR is the first hybrid DVR solution from the company that combines IP megapixel technology with 960H analog recording capabilities. It allows for the viewing of both IP and analog cameras on the same screen, and it also offers the option to view live content while playing back recorded content on the same monitor at the same time.

Some of the DVR’s other features include per-channel scheduling, HDMI output for 1080p HD resolution monitors and BNC loopouts for all analog channels. Additional support options include a complete suite of EZ setup tool wizards designed to expedite the installation process, as well as remote viewing capabilities on most smart devices.

Speco offers the LX hybrid DVR in a choice of either eight analog/four IP or 16 analog/four IP channels, with as much as 9TBs of storage and eSATA compatibility for additional storage.

Solutions:The LX hybrid DVR can be used in analog and commercial security systems.

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