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What the HDBaseT World Congress Hopes to Accomplish

The HDBaseT World Congress, an offering from the HDBaseT Alliance, will examine how the technology fits into contemporary AV installation trends.

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What the HDBaseT World Congress Hopes to Accomplish

HDBaseT is a long-established technology for the transmission of ultra high definition audio and video, Ethernet, USB, controls and power. It has been deployed all over the world, addressing the needs of different sectors, such as corporate, educational, retail, residential, and more.

Most of us know that.

The HDBaseT Alliance is the organization responsible for defining the standard and promoting the technology with manufacturers, installers, integrators and other professionals in the field. More than 180 companies are members of the Alliance, designing and selling HDBaseT solutions.

We know that as well.

So why is the HDBaseT Alliance organizing and hosting an HDBaseT World Congress on October 16th, 17th & 18th in Barcelona? In one word: Future!

Our goal is to bring together the leading minds in the proAV sector to have in-depth discussions about the challenges and opportunities we are facing now, and will face in the near-future. AV & IT integration, compression methods and implications, and interoperability are some of the hot topics in our industry today that must be discussed and addressed. These are issues that will impact our sector for years to come. These issues have been at the center stage of discussion revolving around HDBaseT, and it is time we set the record straight.

Let’s get a taste of what we’ll discuss at the HDBaseT World Congress:

At the Heart of Interoperability

HDBaseT is, by definition and by design, an interoperable technology. Vendors should comply to HDBaseT specifications to implement interoperable HDBaseT solutions, which are certified by the HDBaseT Alliance Product Certification Program.

Does this guarantee that every HDBaseT product will work with every other HDBaseT product in the market? No, it does not. Wrong product implementation or simple bugs can cause interoperability problems. That is true of many technologies apart from HDBaseT. Another important point to highlight is that, although HDBaseT enables 5Play, not every product is designed to deliver all five features. There are a few reasons for that, and it is up to each vendor:

  • Vendors can offer a much wider range of products with different feature sets (and therefore different price points) to address specific market needs
  • Not every installation demands all five elements; forcing the inclusion of all five increases the total cost of the device

HDBaseT is a technology that enables different use cases and expands possibilities. We allow our members to decide which features to incorporate into their products, because that is what makes sense from a business perspective. Installers and integrators have the freedom to decide on each project’s setup and can pick the products that best delivers what’s needed.

Over the years, it was suggested that the Alliance brand each set of possibilities as 2Play, 3Play, etc. However, this is not a feasible option. What is a 2Play product? Audio & Video and controls? Or maybe Audio & Video and Ethernet? And if controls, is it RS232, or IR? And if IR, type A or type B? It is just not a viable strategy. Our installers and integrators are smart enough to determine the features and capabilities by reading product manuals… Vendors implementing HDBaseT are very diligent about labeling properly their product to ensure safety is taken care of.

Back to the HDBaseT World Congress

We’ll discuss this and more during the HDBaseT World Congress. The Congress is open to Alliance members, who will be also participating in the Work Groups to define the next-generation of HDBaseT solutions. For more information about the Congress, check the Alliance’s site.

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The HDBaseT Alliance will allow some non-members to participate at the HDBaseT World Congress. Contact Sandra at for more information.