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AdderLink Demoed Next Gen IP-based Extenders at ISE 2015

Debuting at Integrated Systems Europe, AdderLink Infinity 2020 transmits dual head, single link digital video and USB 2.0 over a single cable.

Dan Sait

The AdderLink Infinity 2020 is a new extender that fits into the IP-based high performance KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) portfolio.

Launched at Integrated Systems Europe 2015, the 2020 features a transmitter and receiver and provides a dual head, single link solution that delivers IP-based, high performance KVM capabilities.

The maker says the new model is based on the existing AdderLink Infinity Dual and was developed based on customer feedback.

“This new cost-effective solution is ideal for customers that don’t require the full functionality of the AdderLink Infinity Dual and is an excellent complement to the range,” says John Halksworth, senior product manager at Adder Technology.

Version 4 of A.I.M. has been created to deliver an easy and powerful centralised management solution for a digital matrix. The unit features a new hardware platform that is more powerful than previous versions and includes configurable user access rights with full audit trail.

The new design is much slimmer, ensuring that it can be efficiently rack mounted with up to two fitting back to back in 1U of 19 inch rack space.

“One area we’ve focused on is making service and support more efficient for our customers,” says Halksworth. “Version 4 features remote access options, whereby if given access by the customer, our technicians can log on remotely and trouble shoot any problems or work with them to solve issues. This is made possible through our extensive security upgrades and continued emphasis on making sure our products are secure.”

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The CCS-PRO4 was also showcased at ISE, providing switching between computers with Adder Free-Flow technology and built on the success of its predecessor.

This professional KM (keyboard, mouse) switch delivers a new set of features for mission critical environments, including redundant power and an ergonomic low profile design.

The CCS-PRO4 also has an integrated web server allowing administrators to view and monitor CCS-PRO4 devices around their installation, as well as upgrade all devices over the network. The AdderLink XD150 was also demonstrated at the show, offering a plug and play point to point extender delivering 150 metre DVI and USB2.0 extension.

Crucially, the XD150 has been designed to work in environments traditional DVI extenders cannot. Immune to external interference, the XD150 allows the user to connect both ends using any standard structured cable (CATx), whilst delivering mission critical reliability.

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