Cleerline SSF CPR-Rated LSZH Cables Now Shipping

The Cleerline SSF CPR rated LSZH fiber optic cables are now available to integrators to help them meet the code requirements of European installations.

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Meeting the demands of the European professional installation market, the newly approved Cleerline SSF CPR-rated LSZH cables are now available to commercial integrators.

Cleerline Technology Group, a N.Y.-based manufacturer of connectivity products, says that it has established production in the European Union (EU) and achieved CPR ratings for its Cleerline SSF series of cabling products.

Cleerline SSF CPR Certification Validates Durability & Performance

Explaining the value of the newly certified Cleerline SSF CPR-rated fiber cable products, Cleerline says the low-smoke, zero-halogen cables feature a polymeric coating at the glass level to make the cables stronger, safer, and easier-to-terminate.

Cleerline SSF CPR rated

The new Cleerline SSF CPR-rated LSZH cables meet the requirements of professional installations in the European technology market.

Elaborating on the certification and why the products provide value to professional integrators, Cleerline points out the cables are engineered to offer higher levels of durability and increased levels of “bend insensitivity” that “far exceeds traditional fiber-optic cables.”

The U.S.-based company also says that it offers the SSF CPR-rated fiber-optic cables in Simplex, Duplex and Micro Distribution configurations.

In addition, the Micro Distribution cables are constructed with either four-, six- or 12-fiber strands within an overall jacket construction.

More from the company:

“Cleerline SSF fiber cables allow for extreme durability, safety and the fastest termination times available.

“We are excited that our LSZH cables are now CPR compliant and want to tank all our customers that have patiently waited for the CPR compliance to be completed,” comments Rick Sant, managing partner, Cleerline.

“With the transition from copper to fiber well under way EU installers now have the cables they’ve been asking us for.”

On speed:

“SSF is faster to terminate since fewer preparations and precautions are required. This allows termination in as fast as 60 seconds, with up to 80% labor savings compared to standard fibers.”

On safety:

“The fiber with its smaller glass-cladding layer is more bendable and forgiving. The 125um coated GGP will not puncture soft tissues, making working with fiber much safer.”

On strength:

“10,000 times the bend longevity, and up to 200 times the pull force allows technicians to treat our product like standard Category cable with no fear of failure.”