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ICE Cable Product Catalog is Installer Education Solution

ICE Cable Systems’ new product catalog includes information about how to choose cables and how cables are made, as well as industry standards and performance guidelines.

With so many connection options and industry standards, it’s a tough job to keep up with what is happening in the world of connectivity.

The Los Angeles-based cable manufacturer ICE Cable Systems offers electronics professionals a choice of low-voltage cable products, and not too long ago it introduced its latest product catalog.

In addition to providing installers information on its current product line, the catalog is also designed to serve as an educational resource to help ensure that installers choose the best possible cabling product for each installation.

“The goal of the catalog is to provide a comprehensive, yet easy-to-read piece that will help dealers develop a stronger understanding of the many types of structured wiring, connectors and accessories we offer, and why our adherence to safety and performance standards such as UL, ETL, RoHS and HDBaseT is so crucial for their businesses. This should help them make better decisions when specifying for the diverse and complex jobs they encounter,” states Brian Rizzo, president, ICE Cable Systems.

“We wanted to create a catalog that would capture the essence of ICE Cable Systems—-the passion that we have for wire and cable—-while providing technical information as deep as the reader wants to take it. To achieve this we are utilizing a layout reminiscent to what you might find in a BMW or Mercedes brochure where the first pages are emotional with cars in action, sensation, speed, followed by an exploded view of the engine, and as you get further, in it breaks things down to the nitty gritty. Similarly, our catalog starts with broad strokes [company philosophy, exploded product pictures and features/benefits] and then gets into the line and specs.”

The catalog targets residential and commercial professionals in the audio, video, alarm and security fields. ICE Cable Systems points out the full-color 34 page catalog is available electronically in a choice of either a webzine or PDF, as well as a standard catalog that is available from ICE Cable Systems product distributors.

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