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Legrand Acquires AFCO Systems Expanding Data Center Capabilities in North and Central America

Legrand North and Central America says its acquisition of AFCO positioned it a leading proider of data center cabinets and aisle containment solutions.

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Legrand Acquires AFCO Systems Expanding Data Center Capabilities in North and Central America

Legrand’s power, light and data devices are in millions of the commercial and residential buildings. Now Legrand, North and Central America (LNCA) has enhanced that market presence by acquiring AFCO Sytsems, which it describes as an industry leader in the design,engineering and manufacture of racks, cabinets, enclosures, and air containment systems for the data center, collocation and telecommunications industries.

Specifically, Legrand sees the acquisition expanding its leadership in the commercial data center market and enhancing product offerings for customer segments like:

  • Hyperscale
  • Collocation
  • Cloud computing providers
  • (Yes) System Integrators

Accorinding to a Legrand press release, the AFCO Systems product line will become part of LNCA’s newly formed Cabinet and Containment Solutions business within its Data Communications division. The business will offer multiple product lines and allow for sales teams to offer a broader array of cabinet and containment solutions.

“The acquisition of AFCO Systems demonstrates Legrand, North and Central America’s commitment to innovation and leadership in the data center market,” says John Selldorff, president and CEO of LNCA, in the press release.

“The creation of our new Cabinet and Containment Solutions business, featuring the combined product lines of LNCA and AFCO Systems, will enable us to further marshall our energy and resources around this exciting space and enable us to address almost any application or user requirement – from standard to full custom solutions.”

More from Legrand’s AFCO Systems Acquisition Press Release:

AFCO Systems’ tubular welded construction platforms will allow LNCA to better address the growing system integrator market for pre-installation of servers and switches in cabinets, while also providing seismic compliant solutions. In addition, AFCO Systems’ broad portfolio of aisle containment solutions and custom engineering expertise compliments Legrand’s recently introduced Contain-IT Flex system, and positions Legrand as a provider of the most comprehensive and adaptable aisle containment offering on the market.