Kramer VS-211HA Switcher Automatically Senses HDMI Signal

Kramer’s VS-211HA switcher senses HDMI signals instead of the standard 5 volts to enable it to switch to sources that are actually in use.

The international technology company Kramer Electronics offers a wide variety of signal transmission and signal management solutions for the residential and commercial markets.

Not too long ago, the company’s U.S.-based, Clinton, N.J. office announced its latest product: the VS-211HA HDMI switcher.

The switcher enables dealers to set up systems that operate based on real signal detection through the switcher’s ability to automatically sense HDMI signals, instead of operating based on the presence of 5-volt signals.

Kramer explains the VS-211HA is more efficient than standard switchers because it switches to sources that are actually in use. The outputs turn off when HDMI is not detected to allow cascaded setups that include displays to fall into “sleep mode.”

Kramer adds the the VS-211HA also offers full signal reclocking, parallel analog audio compatibility, and it supports HEC, ARC and 3D pass-through with as much as 6.75Gbps of throughput (2.25Gbps per graphic channel).

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