122 Products and Innovations That Defined 2016

Published: 2016-12-28

The integration industry isn’t about products … per se.

By the nature of “integration” the value that integration firms and consultants provide is in the system design and the whole solution, not in any singular product.

However, those system designs and whole solutions wouldn’t be much without those singular products.

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The past year saw impressive and dramatic innovation. Product design was influenced by the realization that organizations are rethinking how they meet to exchange ideas.

The traditional, large conference room is no longer a prepopulated expectation for system designers.

The new focus is on facilitating smaller meetings with three to five people.

The list of products released during 2016 that are aimed at meeting spaces is prolific. We decided to look back at Commercial Integrator‘s coverage of new products throughout the year.

We tried to highlight new releases (or tweaks on existing products) that impact meeting spaces, learning spaces, product presentation, digital signage, video walls, video displays, audio, automation and connectivity.

surface hub
The Microsoft Surface Hub is just one of 122 products released in 2016 aimed at meeting spaces.

These are, by no means, the only products released for integrators and consultants during 2016, nor do they create an all-encompassing list of beneficial products for the industry.

With that disclaimer in place, however, you’ve got to admit that 122 solutions go a long way toward defining the direction that integration took in 2016.

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